You + Me

Hi! I'm Jo.

I'm an award-winning coach, social worker, counsellor, ceremonial space holder, creator of Enough - A Love Revolution, and founder of The Kind Community and a Blue Diamond leader in the essential oils world.

I am the queen of awkward, so I'll go right ahead and say that I feel incredibly awkward telling you about my "achievements" here, because no matter what it seems I have created in my life, on the inside, I'm still awkward Jo - except with better shoes, more fancy coffee cups and i brought my cavoodles Hawaiian shirts. I still nervously laugh when someone puts me on a pedestal, I don’t see myself like that and i certainly don’t lead from the energetics of placing myself above others at all - and this is one of the reasons why it still feels fun, and a little cheeky to be doing what I'm doing now. I never had to change. I just had to be more me. 

I hope you can relate to my words, and get as excited as I am about not having to be "bigger and better" in order to feel like you're living your potential - because this is the story I weave through every element of my life, and what I most want you to know in the world for yourself. 

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I used to wish I could just be cool, be normal, do what everyone else was doing. It seemed though, the harder I tried, the more I followed the rules, the less "me" I felt, the harder it became, and the less I felt like I belonged to something. It didn't last long before awkward Jo decided to take the wheel again and have some fun. She is actually the coolest in my opinion! ;) 

I have played so many roles in my life, and in my career, and yet when I look back and explore them all with a birds-eye, I can see myself in hindsight, bucking the system with fists of love everywhere I went. When I was a social worker & counsellor, constantly faced with uphill challenges and resistance from the people who were set in their ways, I had to fight for the initiatives I was creating every step of the way. I learned the only way to fight it is with love - and I developed a capacity to love that sometimes gets me caught out - but mostly blows peoples minds.  

I remember becoming a senior community facilitator (community creation is my jam btw) of a brand new initiative to teach life skills and advocate for youths in the out of home care sector at both an individual and systemic level. I ran programs for years where nobody would turn up. Not one person. There were those in the system who felt their jobs were being threatened by our new program, those who plain old didn't like the newness of the initiatives, and didn't understand I was brought in to create something separate. None of this prevented me from showing up over and over again and keep going. And with time i ran youth programs with wait lists and youth events with hundreds of attendees. And we were able to feed our work back through the system for complete policy changes. I was totally rogue and utterly relentless.

I learned to become very good friends with failure. I developed a certain feminine strength that carried me through without the failure piercing my heart or my sense of self-worth, and was able to get things done. Failure doesn't cripple a woman on a mission. 

I remember having to carry the weight of an underperforming social work team's KPIs (key performance indicators) so we could continue the government funding for another youth program. I ended up working with thousands of teens over just two years, so we would hit our targets and the program could continue. I learned my feminine strength, and capacity to love, are something that changes lives for the better. 

Then, when the skill of "coaching" became a career choice I could take from my social work to other areas, I knew I had to make a move. I have always felt in my heart, I'm a coach - it's really all I do even today, but, even coaching I didn't do like everyone else. 

I have learned to fiercely trust in my intuition through the twists and turns of life. She is never wrong - even though I like to let her prove it to me the hard way sometimes. ;) 


Maybe you can relate to my resistance around this term. I found myself cringing a little at the idea of "just" being a network marketer. Honestly, I really didn't like the stigma. But even that couldn't stop me from showing up for this. So I want to share with you what it looks like for awkward Jo, who breaks the rules by accident, follows her heart and intuition, loves beyond comprehension, uses her feminine strength to break the mould with fists of love, and thought she was destined to be a coach - and then seemingly accidentally reached Blue Diamond in DoTERRA and fell in love with changing the world. 

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I thought once I had found coaching that I had found the avenue I'd express everything I learned in social work, transcend the lessons and the experiences to be able to include what I loved about it, to affect change in more homes and hearts, in a way that was more suited to my nervous system.

When the opportunity for doTerra first came across my desk, I said yes without completely knowing what i was saying yes too. It just felt right and i trusted my friend. When it all started to get more serious, and I started accidentally making money, I had so much resistance, because I really thought the way I was here to serve humanity was through my coaching business. So I decided to just consider it "an investment". (note: to me, it is still one stream of income, and the best investment I have ever made.)

On a side note, isn't it so funny how we get attached to exactly HOW things need to happen, instead of trusting they'll happen in the perfect way? I was so attached to being a COACH... I couldn't see it's what I was doing in every moment to make my DoTERRA business "accidentally" thrive. 

After a year, I nearly quit, too. I was so in love with the DoTERRA community, using the oils for enrichment in my life, supporting others with this healing modality, and how I felt around the people I was growing my business with, but once again, I didn't feel like I wanted to follow the system, and I was clutching on for dear life to my (much sexier) title of "coach". My inner abundant lover didn't want to disappoint anyone, so I hung on... purely until I could figure out a way to make it work for me.

I secretly felt like I was being a total rebel, accidentally growing my oils business without following the official rules, and kept telling myself I needed to be more serious.

But really, what I was learning, was how to dance to the beat of my own drum. 

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What happened through my sticking it out was uncanny, quite honestly. This "investment" became an opportunity for me to utilise everything I had ever learned in my previous careers as a social worker, and coach, and leverage something accessible to more people, (oils) to create a community where every person involved is making change to both their personal lives, and the lives of others. 

I believe every human on the planet should understand how loved and accepted they are. They should feel it. They should know it. I believe that loving and accepting yourself completely is the most revolutionary thing you can do and will change the world. 

The Kind Community was born out of realising I wasn't missing the point, or being a rebel, but I was using my strengths to grow my investment in DoTERRA in a way that supported me, and other people just like me, in a way that felt good, and easy, and do-able. We're intuitive, we're sensitive, we love in an incomprehensible manner, we have a feminine strength, and we are here to make a big difference, without being "big" and noisy.

Through creating The Kind Community, I am able to nurture and coach 10,000+ souls - and growing - to build their own investment, live and lead with autonomy, and change the lives of others.

Sure, it's about the oils... but it's not about the oils. 


Not only do DoTERRA practises completely align with my values through their co-impact sourcing model and their philanthropic work the world over, alongside this, The Kind Community also offers the people on my team a community built on fierce love, and purpose, and working in a way that aligns with your soul. From home, in your PJ's, snuggling with a cuppa and some puppies in my case!

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But you know what really floats my boat these days? 

The level of abundance I have created in my life through this.."investment"... now has purpose beyond the healthy bank account. Not only is the company I'm partnered with completely aligned with my values, and the community I have created completely aligned with my version of a strategy (that is: love rules)...

A dream of mine since the very beginning, has been to create something that has a social impact and creates a movement - a love revolution. And that this brings light to the darkness in places where people feel alone, and that there is something wrong with them for who they are.

(read: there is nothing wrong with you.)

Today, I'm so proud to call myself the curator and Founder of Enough - A Love Revolution. The mission is to heal all hearts through the power of unconditional love and self-acceptance.

My work with DoTERRA has not only given me the gift of essential oils, freedom, abundance, and a way to help others achieve the same (my major goal in my business is to help EVERY SINGLE PERSON who is on my team, become a presidential diamond!), it's allowed me to pursue my deepest social impact dreams.

To me, that is world-changing. 


I still don't feel like a "network marketer" to be quite honest! Because it's never felt like marketing, or even selling, or pushing, or forcing my friends to come to parties, or anything of the sort.

And that's precisely (again, in my opinion) how I've created this life. My achievements have come from digging deeper into my soul and following my heart, instead of following a system. From making the difference through the lens of love, instead of fighting with force. From treating what I used to think were my weaknesses, instead, as my greatest strengths, and building my business around them. And from holding a massive vision for the world in my minds eye and heart, and making my decisions in alignment with that. 

And now, I have an invitation for you. 

Will you join me?

Love Jojo X x

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