I do not believe we 'step' into our light, i believe we become more of what is already inside of us.

And as you love and accept all parts of yourself and live unapologetically as YOU, magic happens. As you live with deliberation, tapping into what feels good as your guide to replace your ten step plan, you make space for the most miraculous and beautiful existence.

 In fact all you ever need is to be more you and I am going to help you do just that.

Lovingly with grace, ease and conviction of course.

Transforming your life starts by being in communion with yourself. Being devoted to your truth, living gently and with love. A harmony of all that is divine - the light, the dark, the feminine, the masculine, the soft, the strong, cycles and seasons, harmony within and without. We will uncover all the YOU and forge a path that only you can create.

Sound big? It’s not….. It starts within, it starts with you and it can start right now and in whatever way feels good for you.

Let’s move at the pace of your own heart. And that pace can be measured by the peace you feel within, by listening to your own truth and learning to trust that, to back yourself.

You have what you need, you are the key, you are all you have been looking for and so much more.


I invite you to explore the different ways you can connect with me...


Are you a self proclaimed personal development nerd with a love of books and reading? Do you desire to be part of a group not only learning but by giving back to the wider community?

Then why not check out my book club...


Together, we will journey on a deep and moving soul exploration which is held over 6 or 12 months. I will guide, mentor and coach you as you become your truth, wholly and completely.

You + me = dream team.


WomanKind is a graceful and abundant team of women who are choosing to create their very own essential oils business by partnering with doTERRA. We’re all about sisterly support and creating a playful, experiential and transformative experience.