Beauty, Grace, AbundancE.


Gorgeous woman - do you crave true connection?

I’m talking about the type of soul level connection where you feel part of something bigger and part of something that is truly impactful.

The type of connection where you long to be in a community with like minded peeps, to be in control of your life, your finances and your wellness.

And more than anything? You deeply desire to make your existance matter. To be able to serve others, to free yourself of debt and help others do the same, to improve all aspects of your health, your loved ones health and the other souls you come across too.

To leave your legacy on this planet.

If this is resonating in your heart, stay with me now as I share with you the ever beautiful and paradigm shifting ‘WomanKind Tribe.’

WomanKind Tribe is a sisterhood that consciously chooses doTERRA as its partner

WomanKind is a graceful and abundant team of women who are choosing to create their very own essential oils business by partnering with doTERRA. We’re all about sisterly support and creating a playful, experiential and transformative experience.

This business will change you. The oils will impact you in ways you cannot even fathom yet. I promise you that!

This business brings me to my knees in gratitude on the daily. I mean the kind of gratitude that sideswipes you and makes me cry - yep I’m that woman! I deeply care and respect all the women who choose to walk this path with me. I hold your dreams and visions with equal measures of love, tenderness and gentle fierceness; as I do my own.

We create businesses that feel magic and flow with ease, because you deserve a business and life that is overflowing with grace, beauty and abundance and thrives in the power of sisterhood.

doTERRA’s impact is bigger than us

doTERRA are the company we choose to consciously partner with, because they not only create the highest quality essential oils in the world, they also bring healing and hope to needy communities through their foundation Healing Hands.

doTERRA itself means ‘gift of the Earth’ and these little bottles of magic are certainly gifting this earth in so many ways!

doTERRA’S philanthropic impact is vast and beautiful. From supporting local communities to free them of disease and poverty, to providing education, safety and hygiene for young girls with their Days for Girls program, they really are lending ‘healing hands’ to so many people in need.

What is WomanKIND Tribe all about?

We’re a tribe of women making a difference; we’re everyday women shaking up old paradigms and rising together to make this world a better place.

Not to get all ‘Miss Congeniality’ on you - but in my heart I really do want a peaceful, abundant world and choosing to work with and share these beautiful doTERRA Essential Oils is a way that you and I can do just that!

With this collaborative business model, you have a sacred opportunity to do things differently; a way that is more YOU.

Because you see beautiful woman, this isn’t just about improving your health, emotional wellbeing, getting out of debt and creating unlimited abundance; it’s about forging deep and soulful connections with like minded sisters. It’s about knowing that this work is bigger than us.

When you join our tribe, some of the things you'll learn and be supported through are:


1. What are Essential Oils

2. Why doTERRA

3. The WomanKind Way

4. How To Get Started with doTERRA

5. Emotions and Essential Oils FREE Webinar

6. Essential Oils and Beauty

7. Oils and Anxiety and Depression

8. Essential OIls and Intention Setting, Ritual and Ceremony


People are falling head over heels for these oils daily. I have never met anyone who did not love them! They truly speak for themselves.

Who is the WomanKIND woman?

She is creative, intelligent and loves her independence, she has a great sense of humour and quirkiness. She feels things. Deeply.


She is a deep thinker. She loves deep conversations and connecting with great people. She wants to leave the world a better place.


She values being of great service to others and she wholeheartedly values being her unique self and living authentically. She values quality experiences, her relationships and treading lightly on this planet.




She is a woman on a mission.

doTERRA will be part of that mission.
She may not understand why or how yet, but she feels it.


Being part of WomanKind will show you and mirror back to you your gifts, your power and your own unique essence. You will create and carve your own path with a tribe of sisters holding you, cheering you on, believing in you and loving you each step of the way.

With this type of business, the beauty is in the circles and teams of women rising together. When you join WomanKIND, you are also joining my leaders team - Team Bliss, driven by the wonderful and magnetic Tara Bliss.

As you grow your business, you will create your own circle and team of oil loving peeps, and I will be there as you step into the leader, the light worker and the change maker that you know you are inside.

You really can make the impossible possible.
Remember if someone says “it's impossible” -
what they are really saying is it’s impossible for them...
but not for you sister.

Here are some examples of truly incredible women making the impossible possible:

Emma Jane Lush

Jenna Black

Cat Develance

Krystal Gordon

Amy Landry

Clancy Allen


All of us women have one thing in common - we didn’t give up. We stayed and we held onto our dream.

Sure, we had moments where we felt uncomfortable, scared, messy, lost and awkward (oh the amount of awkward - seriously that's a whole post in itself).

We felt all of this and more but we always kept going, in our own way and at our own pace. We learnt to be equal measures of gentle and fierce and that’s what brought us to this very place today.

And now it’s your turn...

What support will you get?

When you join WomanKind, you are held and guided from day one.

You will be given all the business tools you will need and you will be linked in with a myriad of resources so you never have to figure it out alone. In fact, in WomanKind we help you distill it to make it YOUR OWN.

You create your own blueprint. I truly believe this is the way to not only lasting success but overall happiness and fulfilment as well.

There are monthly calls where we set intentions and have business jams. You have the opportunity to mentor 1:1 with me. You have access to leaders who you otherwise would not.

This is a tribe, this is about us doing it together. It’s about each woman holding space for you to become more you than ever before and to live and work in a way that not only lights you up, but will light the way for all the beauties that join you on your path.

And me? I am a sacred space holder, I am a keeper of dreams and I do so with gentleness and a great fierceness. I believe in you until you do too.

This is not the tribe to join if you want a one size fits all. We’re all the sizes over here sister, in all the ways! And let me tell you it is creating the most beautiful vibrational harmony and weaving of women doing their thing here on earth.  

You deserve a business and life that is overflowing with grace, beauty and abundance and thrives in the power of sisterhood.

Gorgeous woman, if your heart is calling you to find out more right now and you can’t wait a moment longer to start your very own Essential Oils business and live life on your terms - all backed with grace, ease and gentleness, then let’s chat.

You can ask me any questions on your mind and we’ll discuss the first steps to get you started with WomanKIND.

It would be my honour for you to join forces with me and support one another on our journeys to creating abundant, magical and beautiful lives.

Book here and I can’t wait to get to meet you and chat!

Jo xx

WomanKIND is a circle of women who are gentle at heart and steadfast in soul. One of the blessings of joining doTERRA and WomanKIND is the community that you are embraced by. If you’ve been searching for your ‘tribe’, your girl gang, your soul sisters, look no further because you’ll land at home, here with us. I promise that the connections you’ll make will be beyond your wildest dreams.

- Clancy Allen

doTERRA Oil Leader, WomanKind

The essence of my personal WomanKIND experience has been seeped in community, collaboration, and creativity. I’ve longed to connect with a wide circle of sisters, and this avenue has provided the most beautiful, feminine, safe, and celebratory pathway, all thanks to these qualities that are deeply embodied by Jo. The WomanKIND tribe is a growing alliance of incredible souls, hand in hand, walking a path of empowerment, self growth, and sisterhood. So grateful to you Jo, for what you’ve created and continue to lead is just magic! 

- Amy Landry

doTERRA Oil Leader, WomanKind

To me, WomanKind is about empowering myself and others to reach their full potential and be the best versions of ourselves through self care and doTERRA Essential Oils. Empowerment for me began initially through my Social Work career where I empower and support children and families to heal from trauma and abuse and make positive changes in their lives. Now, I have another passion empowering people like you with natural solutions for your physical, emotional, spiritual health and wellbeing and I love it! I learnt through becoming burnt out that self care is a priority to be the best version of me and to live a life of choice and freedom. I endeavour to serve you and do this is an authentic way. 

I have never experienced such an opportunity quite like doTERRA and WomanKind Tribe, you will be invited in, nurtured and loved to empower yourself and others. Everything we need to live our passion through our business is within our tribe.

- Anna Francis

doTERRA Oil Leader, WomanKind

To be a part of the womanKIND Tribe, to me, feels like coming home. It means being a part of a collective of gentle, heart-centred souls coming together each with a unique purpose bigger than themselves. It means collaborating with soul-sisters who are like-minded, who you can truly be yourself with, and share your deepest desires, vulnerabilities and challenges without fear of judgement or neglect. It is a tribe of pure love, dedication to growth, encouragement, support, understanding, joy and FUN! While doTERRA is the heartbeat that brought us all together, I feel we all have a bigger purpose and doTERRA is just a part of all of our soul’s missions here. Jo Kendall – thank you for creating this hub. You lead with a unique softness, and femininity, and you are devoted to being a part of our rising in to our highest selves. I love you dearly sister. Thank you endlessly. Xxx

- Emma-Jane Lush

doTERRA Oil Leader, WomanKind



To me is a safe space, to explore my thoughts, my continual probes of thought, that won't give up, that things are changing. They need to. Insert like minded beings of womankind.
Things need to be different, why are we doing life a certain way that seems for most the equivalent to trying to manually move mountains on their own. Surely there is a more conscious, ease of flow, smoothness rolling energy that can create enough force to instil happy heartfelt change.

Woman kind is a collective, a group of conscious minds who understand this change needs to happen and women together as a connected force can make magic happen.

To make positive ripples as a force these beautiful minds are pressing forward, upward, outards in expansion of genius.

When I was lucky enough to find womankind it felt like it was supposed to be. Like coming home. With ease, integrity, hope and a sprinkle of fairy dust this group is magic. It will create magic. The flow on effect it is having an swill continue to have in individuals, their hearts, their families and communities can not be put into words.... but to a feeling. Home. Amongst special women, my people, our people. Home.

- Nelly McNeil

doTERRA Oil Leader, WomanKind