Here you'll find a collection of beautiful words from some of the gorgeous souls, whom i've had the privilege of working with.


Jo is the epitome of the feminine and is a true Goddess in all her essence. 

She oozes love, beauty, care, inspired action and did I mention love?! She is one of the most aligned women I have come across both in business and in life. Being around her is like receiving a big, gooey, warm hug of love and you have no other means but to shine your light and to shine brightly. 

If you are looking to be part of a sisterhood who do nothing but love, accept and allow you to shine in your true essence, then having Jo in your life is a must! 

She dances between stability and mobility with so much grace and compassion. She is a divine human being and one bad ar$e business woman.

               Coraline Dufroux

Conscious Entrepreneur &

Business Coach and Mentor

Beautiful Jo came into my life at such a pivotal time when I began my doTERRA Essential Oil Journey. She has such a beautiful heart full of love. Over the past few years I’ve been lucky enough to join in on some of Jo’s incredible projects 'Coaching, Coffee + Connection' 'Gather' and the 'Rose Coloured Sistermind' which was incredible.

Jo helps you to dig deep into your goals and find what lights you up, helping you to see that you can have a successful doTERRA Biz and also be the creator of your other dreams and visions. You can have the life you most dream about!

                  Sammy Boxtel

Beauty Therapist & doTERRA Oil Specialist

I have many women in my life who I can turn to for a dose of insight and inspiration but there is no one I would rather turn to than Jo Kendall. Jo's ability to hold space for you and allow you to show up, in whatever way you need to, is beyond-this-world. And once you’re in the safe space that Jo holds for you – everything immediately feels better. Jo has a beautiful ability to see past the stories we tell ourselves and reflect our highest selves back to us. I always leave a session with feeling seen, heard and recognised. Her love is fierce and she proves to everyone that comes into her sessions that it is powerful to be soft, gentle and vulnerable. Being coached by Jo, and being her friend, is a privilege that I don't take lightly. She is magic. 

                    Sophie Wood

Spirited Social Media Mentor 

Over the last few years, I’ve had the pleasure work with and to be in the presence of beautiful Jo Kendall, as she guided me with her soft and gentle approach in our coaching sessions.

Jo always accompanied me to look within for my own answers, but held that soft and loving space as I searched for what felt right for me.

When I look back on the coaching, the words that stand out to me are faith, alignment, encouragement and just purely feeling supported 100% are the main highlights of working with the beautiful Jo.

She holds you in a space of love and allowing you to reconnect with your path and ambitions.

I highly recommend her, she's honestly one of the rare ones, her heart is genuine, real and authentic.

Blessed to have crossed her path.

                 Rechelle Mackay

Free Spirit Woman

Jo is the epitome of feminine leadership. She is soft and gentle, yet effective and powerful. She is deeply rooted in her beliefs and alignment, and is a shining example of self-care, adaptability, and big-picture vision. She allows others to embrace their strengths and sensitivities, with no judgment, so they can ultimately find their unique voice, truth and way of leadership.

                      Pip Best

Social Worker & Marriage Celebrant & Essential Oils Specialist

Setting up a business and juggling all of my other commitments has been quite overwhelming, but coaching with Jo has completely shifted my perspective. Since coaching with Jo, I've learnt to become more compassionate with myself and I've been able to celebrate the little (and big wins) as I set the foundations for my business.

By tapping into my heart, I've been able to feel more connected and focused on my 'why'. This has helped me to serve my clients in a more meaningful way and for that I am so grateful. Jo has held such a safe and encouraging space for me and I've felt so supported throughout the entire coaching process. Jo is the real deal, and her ability to intuitively ask the right questions at the right times, lead to some incredible break-through's.Thank-you from the bottom of my heart Jo!"

                   Tash Spencer

Holistic Lifestyle Coach

Working with Jo was like having a big sister hold my hand each step of the way in moving towards my goal of having a purposeful career and job that is aligned with my heart and soul. I highly recommend Jo to anyone yearning to reconnect with themselves, their mission in the world, and and wanting to live a life filled with purpose and meaning.

              Jenny Orenstein

Intuitive Life Coach, Writer, Kinesiologist, Reiki & Theta Healer



Jo is warm, open, real, supportive. She really cares about you. She shows you she cares. She get's it. She understands. She's relatable. The amount of times I've gone in to a session with her feeling like crap, confused and I always leave feeling amazing. Inspired. Empowered. Motivated. Safe. Understood. Reassured. Lighter.  

She has been an angel for the last 3 months. Always there. I trust her. She is so easy to talk to, open up with, be vulnerable with. Zero judgement. So much heartfelt praise. She believes in me. That is priceless. She knows what I need to do. She is intuitive. She makes our time together so sacred. I can forget everything else, leave everything at the door and take the time for me. Every session she grounds me, realigns me with my soul and purpose and why. She is inspiring, because she lives her truth and is such a nice person. She puts her heart and soul into our sessions.

                  Morgan Taggart

 Beautiful You Spirited Coach & Writer 



I'm moving into territory that for me is monumental in owning my awakening power. This is so incredibly profound and wonderful, yet frightening and scary to claim. The further I travel this journey, the more I encounter limits and ego that has kept me safe in the confines of a lesser life. I reached out to work with Jo as my coach at a time when I felt incredibly stuck with no movement happening at all. Jo opened her heart to hold a space for me, which instantly instilled a deep trust in her coaching skills, and her as a person.

We quickly and gently moved to the core of the problem, and Jo helped me connect with my true self. It takes a special person to reach down with their insight and words to the truth by clearing away the stories so lovingly. And that is how special and talented Jo is. She is the perfect person to have on your side as you seek to be the best you can be. I am so grateful.  

               Ainslie Deverson

 Transformational Life Coach


Before I started with Jo I was struggling with shifting multiple blocks within my business. I was trying to attract the right type of clients, but this just wasn't happening for me. Coaching with Jo popped up for me at the exact right time. I knew things weren't working how I thought they should be, and I knew I needed help in sorting it all out. 

I have worked with coaches previously and it can be a little nerve-wracking, as you never know what to expect in terms of their style. But in our first session, Jo explained her own style of coaching, and I knew I'd found the right gal for the job. I felt excited.  

Together we worked on how I could be more open in my business and show the 'real me', tell the world who I am, how I work and what I love to do.  One of the biggest breakthroughs has been having the confidence to charge what I'm worth. Jo helped me to see that I was undervaluing my skills and knowledge, and therefore my potential clients were also undervaluing me. Once I gained the confidence to be who I am, in business, my business started to thrive. Now I'm booked out! 

Alongside this my self-acceptance, self-confidence and self-belief has increased: I know no longer doubt that I'm on the right path. And I can stay centred in the feeling of working with my ideal client, knowing that I've got it covered. 

Coaching with Jo truly was an amazing experience - I've loved working with her. I feel calm, revitalised and focused. And my life and business is sooo much happier for doing so! I've finally got the freedom to allow myself a break - stop chasing the money - and give up on the hustle. Just focusing on the right energies and feelings has worked wonders! 

                     Elle Lynn

Founder, Juju Marketing


I was feeling un-grounded and flustered with the creation of my business, including webpages, copy, and all there was to do, what I needed to do, and when I needed to do it by. I needed clarity and focus. I felt as though I was a sheet flapping around in the wind. So when I saw Jo’s coaching offer, I knew this was exactly what I needed and would help me put things into perspective. Jo understood where I was coming from, and saw me for who I was even though we were only talking on the phone for our sessions. Since working with Jo, I have had a couple of people tell me that I seem more confident (& that I look well) – I think this is a mix of coaching as well as delving into a month of Ayurvedic living. 

I now feel more confident about my work and business, and am less hard on myself about getting everything done straight away. My mantra that we created together, "I boldly embrace my light" has been awesome and a real game-changer. I feel calmer and more grounded, and am also being more confident about what I do when people ask. 

Three words that spring to mind when I think about coaching with Jo are revelation, clarification and grounding. Thank you very much Jo for being so generous with your time, and your kind, loving words. It was just what I needed!  

                 Rosa Palermo

 Health and Wellness Coach


Working with Jo has been an amazing experience! Before starting with her I felt like I was in a fog. No direction. No motivation. No vision and beyond stressed. Jo took the time to get to know me and learn more about my life, and from there help me gain clarity. A little more of that fog lifted every session I had with her, and I can say with confidence that I see my future and my goals much more clearly now! Most importantly, Jo helped me to reduce my stress level and find more enjoyment in life as a whole. As a full time intern and student in the US, it was hard to find time for myself and enjoy it. Jo helped me find that joy! 

I would recommend Jo to anyone who feels they are in a slump or need help to start moving in the right direction. She is genuine, kind, and knowledgable, and has sincerely helped me!

                    Sara Asher

Intern Therapist


Before I reached out to Jo I was struggling to manage my own emotions, and maintain life-work balance and overall happiness. When I realised that in order to feel better I had to make some changes and Jo’s blogs always seemed to bring a positive cheer to my attitude and outlook. I felt like working with Jo would definitely give me ways to better manage my emotions in line with holistic health attitude. I felt a little nervous going into our first session as I wasn’t sure what to expect but I instantly felt so safe talking to Jo and by the end of the first session I was feeling positive with a clear direction and knew how to start making changes to get where I wanted to be.

Since working with Jo I feel I have been able to stop judging myself as much as I was. It was like I stepped myself down from the 'being perfect is my goal' to the attitude of 'I am me and I love myself the way I am and where I am at in this point of time in life'. I am definitely appreciating me more, and so other areas of life are falling into place more and more everyday :-) For example; when bad things happen I can take the emotion with gratitude and move myself on (without affecting everyone around me- negatively) Jo is so inspiring and supportive! 

                     Sarah Cooke



When I first connected with Jo, I was a bit frazzled and had feelings of doubt, not being good enough, and I felt like there was too much to do and not enough time. I have had a life coach in the past and I think at certain stages in our lives everyone should have one. It was time for me again. By the end of the first session I had more clarity on observing and feeling the way I was feeling, more as an outsider looking in which helped me with my feelings. I also had a clearer plan of how to connect with myself in short pockets of time. I have improved my self love and self care, and I'm working on confidence and belief. I'm much more inclined to stop and switch off now when my body needs it. The biggest change I have noticed is when negative thoughts come up and how I deal with them. I now look at them with curiosity and don't get dragged down as much because I observe my thoughts and feelings.   

Spiritual, Enlivening, Connected. 

Jo has a real gift for helping clients, she was really there when I was going through some challenges and feeling strong feelings of self doubt. I love her warm words and calm presence and she is so generous and encouraging. I can't thank you enough Jo. 

                Bianca McKenzie

Social Media & Marketing Coach

Before I started with Jo I was struggling with how I felt within myself and was quite often breaking down without knowing what was wrong or why. I didn't believe in myself and had zero confidence in who I was. My partner encouraged me to reach out to Jo and after our first talk, I knew it was what I needed to do and that I was in the best hands.  

I was still a little nervous going into the first session as I did find it hard to open up and express how I felt, however Jo made me feel comfortable about speaking out and her questions and responses were so relevant to how I was feeling. Because I was so worked up inside, it was actually the first session that really changed everything for me. I found it so easy to be me and I laughed and cried, and laid everything out on the table which I believe set the benchmark for the rest of the sessions.  

Jo helped me to see that it's ok to show emotion and no matter what my past holds, it's what makes me who I am today. I have had family and friends notice the change and comment on how far I have come. It really hits home for me to think how emotionally damaged I was before to who I am now. I cannot thank Jo enough for that! 

I learned to believe in myself and be self loving. Before having the sessions with Jo, I use to let the stories in my head run my life and my relationships. With having the sessions with Jo, I now have the power to not let those thoughts get the better of me. I truly believe that I have the confidence to handle any situation and believe in what I am saying and can be confident knowing that this is who I am!  

One of the biggest changes for me would be that I feel like I shine! I feel like I am a believer in me - and that shines through my personality and through my new found confidence in myself. I am loving who I have become. If I had to describe coaching with Jo in 3 words I would say – WELL WORTH IT! 

Jo is incredibly amazing and I can't thank her enough for what she did for me. She makes you feel so important and that you’re not alone in your journey. I know others will find as much satisfaction from Jo's as I did. Much love, Rach xx 

                Rachel Edmunds

Dental Technician.

When I contacted Jo I was very lost and unhappy. I was stuck in a job I was not enjoying and wanted to take control of my life and find my purpose.  With Jo I really felt like i had found someone who understood me, who was on my team and always there for me offering encouragement. From our very first Coaching session with Jo, it was such an uplifting experience and gave me a great sense of excitement for our further sessions. 

My life has completely done a 360 since Jo and her coaching came into my life! I have changed many things in my life from job to goals and my attitude towards it all. 

I have learnt to give my self a break and look how far I have come and what I have achieved and to be proud of it. 

I went from being the girl stuck in the 9-5 desk job to quitting and starting my own online florist business working for myself, experiencing new opportunities and meeting great people along the way. I honestly can say I don't know if I would of taken the plunge and done all of it without Jo's help, support and guidance :) 

I cannot thank Jo enough for the coaching and guiding me through a massive change in my life. It was great to have her there always cheering me on :) 

               Chloe McGuinness 

Owner - Pretty Little Bunch


Jo Kendall may be one of the sweetest, warmest and most nurturing people I have been lucky enough to come across. From our very first contact I felt completely drawn to her energy and at such a tumultuous time of my life, her calming approach was exactly what I needed. I came away from every session on a total high. Talking with Jo left me energised and elated every time. I felt validated, understood and supported at every moment. Jo I can't thank you enough. My coaching series helped me to feel absolutely confident in my own abilities as a coach as you showed such a beautiful example of the power of authenticity and holding space for someone. I would absolutely recommend you to anyone who is looking for a heart centered, soul driven coach to embark on a beautiful journey with.  .

                  Carlie Burton 

Beautiful You Life Coach