How To Make A Sweet Care Pack For A Loved One

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Oh hi there gorgeous, 

Truth time: Changing the world doesn’t always have to look like it does in the movies. In fact it rarely does. 

You know what I mean, right? Superheroes slaughtering evil and saving babies from burning buildings? Complete with the lycra that always looks good, masks that never slip, capes that never tangle and Hollywood budgets that never run dry?

Those movies are great fun. (Especially if there’s a Hemsworth cast!)  

But the truth is that you don’t have to be Wonder Woman to change the world. 

(Even though, I  totally think you already are a wonder woman!)

Small acts of kindness make a HUGE impact on the world and those around you. 

I know first hand the power of love, which is why I wanted to check in with you and ask:

Is there somebody in your life that needs a little love right now? 

We all go through tough times, and I truly believe it’s the support, love and care of our friends and family that gets us through these times with grace and strength. 

So … is it time to pay it forward?

If so, I’ve got just the thing: A care pack!

A care pack is a personalised boxed, bagged or packaged bundle of gifts you create for a loved one that tells them that you CARE. 

Its contents are as unique as your loved one is and focuses on getting them what they need most.

And no, I don’t mean socks. 

(Although, can anyone ever have enough socks? Mine always seem to end up riding solo and missing their matching sock buddy! Seriously where do all the lost odd socks go? Are they on some kind of island with bobby pins, hair ties + tupperware lids??)

Instead, I mean thinking about what they need emotionally to support them right now. Do they need to be grounded? Calmed? Loved? Comforted? Or maybe they need to laugh until their tummy hurts? 

Tune into what their emotional needs are and you’ll have a better idea of the goodness to include in their care pack. 

And you needn’t spend a fortune either!

Some of my fave items to pop into a care pack are:

  • DoTERRA essential oils (of course!) There’s literally something for everybody, and a little bottle of essential oil is so simple, but so transformative.

  • Chocolate –  I’m convinced chocolate truly is the solution to every problem. I’m really loving Loco Love Chocolates right now! Or you could try your hand at making your own.

  • Homemade food. Soup (chicken, for the unwell friend!), bone broth, biscuits, cakes, and beautiful jams all go down a treat.

  • A handwritten note. Include two: One for them to read when they open their care pack, and another that they can open and read on a rough day.

  • Flowers. I am a flower child from way back and truly believe in flower power. So handpicked wildflowers or a bouquet of roses, I’m sure both will be absolutely loved. 

  • A puzzle. Sudoku, crossword, find-a-word, even a spot-the-difference. Life can be serious; inject some fun into your friend’s day with something to keep their minds busy in a playful way.  

    But honestly - whatever you put in it will be beautiful.

The main thing here is your love and the fact that you took the time for another human. 

Which is pretty special. 

Because these small acts of kindness?

They’re how we truly are going to change the world.  

Love,  Jo xo

Jo Kendall