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I’m always looking for an excuse to spend more time with you, so keep an eye out for our community events, courses and workshops. Stay up to date with the latest happenings right here.


Natural solutions masterclass - enpointe health Armidale nsw

A relaxed + fun masterclass sharing simple + practical ways to easily integrate essential oils into your everyday life for natural solutions for you and your loved ones.
In all classes i run there is always a focus on emotional wellness + mental health - this happens naturally due to my background in Social Work + Counselling and specialisation in human behaviour and helping people feel more whole. This class will be no different. We will talk about ways for you to use essential oils for your emotional wellness and so much more -

We'll cover how to use oils for ---
Emotional wellbeing
Mental health
Chemical free cleaning
Digestion + gut issues
Immunity and illness prevention
Sleep and stress
Spiritual development
Skin clarity + vibrance
Inflammatory conditions
Seasonal support

This will all be done with a cup of tea and some essential oil infused morning tea (hello delicious bliss balls - i'm looking at you!)

And of course, you will have an opportunity to purchase oils and set up your own account at wholesale prices, so 25%. Giving you more bang for your buck!

All that attend will leave with a beautiful essential oil roller that you can use straight away and benefit from.

RSVP to secure your spot by heading to the link below or emailing jo@jokendall.com

I can't wait to meet you + support you.

Jo :)

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soul shine e course {updated}

This is the very first e course i created. It is delivered to your inbox over 6 days. I am making a few minor updates and am giving it a little freshen up and it will be back up and available for you soon.


the kind cleanse

We ran this in February 2019 and it was a massive success. This will be running again in 2020 - i’d love to have you part of this. Sign up for mail love below to be the first to know.


The kind community online space

Come and join us over on facebook - this is a space where we can all be together, a place that feels like an exhale, where you can just be you.

This group was made by merging my love of mindset, human behaviour, spirituality, essential oils, personal development and all things natural living. I am an advocate for you loving yourself more and for you being more YOU. In a world that will do it’s best to herd you to be and follow the status quo, this is a space where kindness, love and acceptance lead and in fact are the bottom line.