On Being A Life Coach + Winning The BYCA CEO Shine Award

The question “What led you to become a Beautiful You coach?” is one i am asked frequently. So today lovely one, I wanted to share a little more with you on my own Beautiful You Life Coaching Academy journey.

From the very first instant that i came across beautiful Julie, i felt drawn to her, connected. I had been desiring to start my own business and work with my clients in a heart centred way, and everything about the Beautiful You Coaching Academy felt right and true for me.

There was no hesitation as to whether i would do the course or not, it was a complete and whole body and soul yes. And i listened and followed that. And i am so so glad that i did.

I recall the first time gathering together with my group of fellow BYCA students and I had this overwhelming knowing that all moments had been guiding me to be right where i was. I felt like i belonged, truly. And for someone who always felt ‘different’ this was a major life changing moment for me. And it was through that feeling of belonging that i started what i can only refer to as the most magical and fulfilling path that continues to be so each and every day.

How is a Beautiful You coach different from any other coaching academy I hear you ask? As a Beautiful You coach it is instilled in the DNA of the academy to lead with heart, with the highest integrity and bring skill and experience to truly help their clients shift, transform and actualise their potential. This felt so incredibly aligned to me and as such i gravitated to this gorgeous community, and on to become a very proud Beautiful You coach over 4 years ago.

Firstly, let me say - I absolutely LOVE what i do, and i truly do. The work i do and put out in the world is an honour and i could not stop if i tried :)

I have been blessed in always knowing what i wanted to do and what my purpose is, and that is to love people through and into remembering all parts of their self. To guide people back to their true self. To reinforce that nothing has ever been out of place and to reflect back the loving, gentle, radiant, strong, fierce and wise being that they are. To love others until they remember how to love themselves. 

I help people to be who they really are and it is my belief that unwavering self acceptance and love is revolutionary and will change the world.

I guide people to own all parts of themselves, bring love to what they have disowned and (re)discover who they really are, but then go further still by helping them not only know who they are but to BE it and LIVE it and this takes courage. It is one of my favourite things in the world when i see my beautiful clients living as more of who they are, i see the impact this has not only for them, but for their loved ones, the people's lives they touch, the inspiration and lights they ignite just by being them. This flow on effect is exactly what i mean when i say with the utmost conviction that ‘Self acceptance and love is revolutionary and will change the world.”

I work with game changing women, women who want to make a difference, passionate + driven yet also figuring out how they can do things in a way that supports their truth. Whether that be a highly sensitive nature, overly empathic or a high achiever - we work so that they can create a life that supports and nourishes who they really are which breaks apart the feelings of ‘what is wrong with me’ and ‘why can’t i do things like everyone else,’ and the ‘i am either too much or not enough.’ This language does not see the light of day when we are in complete acceptance of self. There is no space for it, it is no longer.

I hold my clients visions, hopes and dreams as if they were my own and i maintain and (sometimes quite stubbornly so) their highest vision of who they really are until they can see, feel and be that entirely.

If you’re just starting out on your life coaching journey and you aren’t sure of who you might want to work with or who your ideal client is, please don’t panic. Part of the beautiful process of becoming and unbecoming is learning who it is that you are here to serve. And of course, it’s an ever evolving piece, just as you grow and evolve, so too will your ideal client. My advice when it feels overwhelming and clouded my darling, is to simply come back to your heart. Place a hand over your chest, focus on your breathing and listen. You have all the answers you need inside you to work out all the necessary pieces as you step up towards those big beautiful dreams honey.

I am constantly learning, seeking new information and evolving in all areas of my life. I honestly do not feel that we ever reach a point where we are all done and can hang our hats up, so to speak. I think it is this openness and growth mindset that has and continues to help me evolve and grow both as a coach and within my business. This mindset also keeps me humble and connected to my why and my mission, which is bigger than just me. It is about the people i serve and connect with. The gentle yet powerful flow on effect this work has and that in and of itself energises and spurs me on to always keep growing, learning and being the very best coach that i can be.

It is important to me that i am present, connected and any conversation or interaction be genuine, powerful and for that person to feel more listened too and heard than ever before.

I am not afraid to lean in to the discomfort of growth, in fact i now seek that edge.

I am not afraid to give things a go and then change route if it does not feel aligned and in integrity. And being in integrity is the determining factor and guiding light for me always.

I am not afraid to get it wrong which sometimes i have and i am sure i will, it is about being in the ring as Brene Brown speaks of so eloquently.

I am not afraid to back myself and this has been a journey throughout my business. It has guided me to be more of myself and bring that in to all that i do. It has guided me to learn that my intuition and inner guidance system is the best business tool i could ever have and will ever have.

So for me, i attest my beautiful business growth and success to using integrity and intuition as the compass and always maintaining a willingness to learn and an openness for things to look different than i thought they would, and that this is absolutely okay, as long as it feels right and in integrity.

One of the very first achievements for me within my biz was becoming booked out. Now i know that those two little words mean different things to different people. For me it affirmed that my work was speaking for itself and that was and still means the world and is of the utmost importance to me and a key factor in how i do business.

So i went about my biz and did the things, shared from my heart, connected with people, leaned in, showed up -  and then one day i realised that i was in fact booked out. And it was one of those moments in my coaching journey where i was so deeply grateful that i became overwhelmed with emotion and the tears just flowed (which i admit, they often do).

I never have taken it lightly when someone decides to work with me, i know the level of devotion they bring and it is a privilege to guide them to live all the details of their devotion and in the process for them to be more of who they really are.

Receiving the CEO Shine Award this year from the absolutely divine Julie Parker was and is one of the most innately special moments of not only my coaching business, but my life.

Julie has and continues to be one of my biggest inspirations, i often find myself asking ‘what would Julie do’ I have the deepest respect for Julie; for the women that she is, for the work that she does and for having a massive impact on my life, including my business of course. I have tried to put this in words many times since the awards night but to be honest i have not been able to capture what it is that i feel, what the night meant to me and what receiving this award means. I feel it strongly within my body like a spark of exquisite light beaming from me, and as yet I have not been able to accurately translate this in a way that i feel does it justice. I know it will come.

I felt it would be remiss if i did not share this as one of the most fist-pumping, all the happy dancing, worthy moments.

And what i did to celebrate this may surprise you, i took myself to a beautiful cafe the next morning, ordered myself a coffee and simply sat and took in all the beauty, that which surrounded me in that moment, from the night before at the BYCA Awards night, to the entire journey that led me there. I allowed myself to steep in it all and receive the entirety of the gratitude and love that i felt.

If I could offer any words of wisdom to other coaches who may be starting out on their coaching journey it would simply, “Be You”.

Bring you to your work, to your business. Follow your strengths, what feels right and best for you. It’s okay if you fumble, if you falter - be gentle and bring as much love to yourself then as you would if you were smooth sailing and kicking butt. More love always.

Show up with integrity, with your business and with yourself.

Always see your clients in their highest potential and know that they are that, even and especially when they don’t.

Did i say be you!? Yes, do that. Back yourself, even if it feels shaky and weird to start with. Weird is good, so roll with it i say.

Don’t give up. When it gets challenging and uncomfortable - ask yourself ‘would i rather the discomfort of being who i really am and doing the work that i know i am meant to be doing OR the discomfort  and pain of living a life with unfulfilled dreams and self expression.’ The first is temporary, the latter is lasting and forever. It’s a choice that we can make. So whenever needed, take a deep breath, bring love to the part that is scared, doubtful and super uncomfortable because more love always.


Here are some photo's taken by Fi Mims from the BYCA Award night held in Melbourne.



So what’s next?

Well, I am so excited for all that is to come and to continue sharing with you as I and my business grows. I am under way in creating humanitarian projects and have the desire to get back to my Social Work roots and into communities. I am in the very early stages of a new heart led venture and arm of my beautiful business called Heartbeat of Humanity - a profit for purpose that is about softening the edges, leading with kindness and bringing light to the darkness.

This is about disrupting the current system and dissipating hate crimes through the power of unconditional self acceptance and love.

Just as the ocean shapes rocks and carves mountains, it is my belief that love, kindness and acceptance can and will change the world.

I very much see this as me taking the work that i do as a coach to a societal level. So it is the same core principles, just widening the scope.

I will continue doing 1:1 work as i love it and it is so dear to my heart. I have the deepest respect for the power of connection and giving a person your full undivided presence and unwavering belief in them.

And alongside this, i am guiding the beautiful women in my WomanKind Collab to continue to work, earn and live in a new way. To forge a path that allows freedom and so so much more.

The gratitude is deep. The love is real.

Lovingly yours in all the wordy shares straight from my heart to yours -

Jojo Xx