The Internal Form of Gratitude - Self Appreciation

Hi Beautiful, 

If you’ve been following me for a little while, you know that I tend to bang on a lot about gratitude. And there’s good reason for that, you see beautiful gratitude changes everything. So today I want to talk with you about self-appreciation and how that relates to gratitude. 

It’s my view that self-appreciation is in fact, the internal version of gratitude. 

Gratitude, as a general rule, is being thankful for the external. Your job, income, the beautiful people in your life, nourishing food in your fridge, where you live and so forth. 

Self-appreciation on other hand, is about acknowledging things within yourself. The things that even if everything you were grateful for fell away and just disappeared, you’d still be able to count on yourself. This is something that can never be taken from you as it is part of you. 

It is really important to cultivate your own self appreciation list and to help you do so I have made up a pretty little downloadable  Self Appreciation List  for you to get started beautiful. You can download it now here and fill it in whenever you want, pop it  in your journal, or you can just grab a piece of paper and a pen. If you’re struggling with this, I invite you to write down just three things that you really appreciate about yourself. Maybe it is your style. Maybe it is your sense of humour. Maybe it’s that you make up funny words when you can’t think of the right one. Whatever it is, I want you to write down your three things. I would love for you to do this alongside your gratitude practice. 

Daily self appreciation is so powerful. 

And beautiful if even three things feels too much to start with, then simply start with one and work your way up to three a day. 

One thing everyday that you love and appreciate about yourself. 

Or if you feel inclined to get creative, print out your list here, grab you brightly coloured markers and pens, make yourself a cuppa, diffuse some oils and let the self appreciation flow. 

And then from there at least one thing every day. Remember this a practice. Something we do over and over. This list will change over time because we change over time. We grow and evolve, and as we do cultivating and growing a deep and loving acknowledgment of YOU. 

I would love for you to share with me in the comments below one thing that you truly appreciate about yourself in the comments. And please share this with any of your friends, soul sisters or anybody in your life that you think needs a little gentle nudge towards appreciating themselves a little bit more. 

And just so you know – I truly appreciate you! Yes, YOU gorgeous! 

Jojo x x