Simple Practice to Transform How you're Feeling and Living Right Now

Hey Beautiful,

This is a beautiful and simple practice i use with my private coaching and mentoring clients and one that also use myself when needed. It is a practical tool that you can do right now from anywhere to transform how you’re living and feeling right now to your desired state. 

Write a list of seven words that sum up HONESTLY how you FEEL about your life right now.  

Do you love your life as it is right now? 

Assuming there’s room for improvement , make a second list of seven words and transform any negative or mildly positive words into what you REALLY want, you know the things that light you up.  

Look at your second list of words and repeat them to yourself several times out loud if possible. Feel what each word feels like, absorb the different energies of this set of words. 

How would your life be different if you expressed these qualities? 

Refer to your second list and how those words feel as reguarly as possible. Feel them in your body, put a reminder in your phone to pop up with this list, write them on a post-it note and stick to your fridge, write them in your diary, your journal, surround yourself with them and each time you read them, feel that feeling, express it and let it snowball until it is your current everyday state. 

Yours in living and feeling amazing! 

Jojo X x