Fear, Perfectionism and Doing it Anyway

Hey There, 

So this is officially my first ever video blog. I wanted to have a chat with you all about it, because this is something that I have been wanting to do for a really, really long time. I think at least a year, maybe even more, I have had on my to-do list – “Make a video blog. Figure out how to do it. Get this happening.” I felt really, really called to communicate with you all in this way, BUT there’s something that stop me and it’s taken me until now to move past that so that I could be here talking to you more, and that was my fear. It was showing up in the form of perfectionism. 

This is something that has played out in my life quite a lot, particularly in my 20s. It kept me from taking the steps that I needed to, to go out there and live the life that I wanted to be living. It’s funny because I’m a coach and I have worked in this industry for a long time and as coaches we can really easily fall in to the habit of thinking, “Oh, no, no. I’ve dealt with that.” 

Honey, let me tell you, it keeps coming up and it has kept coming up for me obviously because I’ve kept stopping myself thinking, “No, I’ll do the videos, but I need to go and get my hair done first. I should get a blow dry. I should definitely, definitely put on some makeup and a nice outfit. I need to make sure the background is absolutely perfect.” 

In an effort of just moving forward anyway and saying to my fears, ‘Hi there, thanks for letting me know you feel worried and a bit scared, but I’m going to do this anyway. I want to keep going. This is what I want to do. I want to be living. I don’t want to be hiding. I don’t want to be waiting anymore. I want to get out there.’ And I know that if this is relevant for me and happening, then it’s going to be relevant and happening for so many of you too. 

To have that mask on that we want to present to the world, so damn tight that it can feel suffocating and it really does stop us from stepping out and being ourselves and living our life. I get it. 

I wanted to kick off my video blogs being real, stepping up and saying to you all, “This is me.” I am here. My hair isn’t done. I have no makeup on. My background is not as perfect to shiny. (It does look good) but it’s not as lovely as I would want it to be. But here’s the clincher, I can spend another year waiting and trying to make everything perfect and not get to talk to any of you. That is going to cause me pain, because I want to talk with you.  

Not doing what our heart deeply desires and not living out truth causes us pain. 

I want nothing more than to be having these real life conversations with you about what it’s like to work through these issues and turn up for life as ourselves, how we can show up for life authentically and be real and radiate through our realness. That’s what I want. That’s what I want for myself and I want for each and everyone of you. To be showing up every day with your hair done or not. Your makeup on or off. Don’t wait for those things before you go and do it. Don’t let perfectionism stop you in your tracks anymore. 

Here’s my question beautiful. Where can you just show up in your life? Where can you put down the perfectionism mask and stop hiding behind it and just go and do something?What have you been wanting to do for such a long time? You know it. You know what that thing is. What has stopping you? I invite you to just go and do it. Just do it. Just look at your all of those fears as they come up and thank them. They’re just trying to keep you safe. They’re just gotten a little bit overzealous. 

‘Thanks fears, but no thanks. I’ve got this.’ And then Go.And.Do.It. ! I promise you, the feeling of you going and starting to do that thing that has been tugging at your heart for such a long time and consistently showing up is going to be so worth it. You are going to build a new found sense of confidence like never before. 

Here’s the straight up truth – You are perfect just as you are right now. You don’t need to pretend to be anybody else. You don’t need to have the perfect hair or the perfect outfit or the perfect handbag or any of those things. You just need to show up to life as YOU and do the things that YOU love, because we need you to do that. 

Comment below gorgeous and tell me, what are you going to do in the next week to drop that perfectionism mask and go out and do something that your heart has been wanting you to do for such a long time? 

Do it.  

You only got one left, right. 

Yours in imperfect steps and radiating through realness always, 

Jojo X