Self Love and Your Big Beautiful Dream

Hi honey bun, 

In my last VLOG we talked about how to get yourself feeling deeply connected to your mind, body and soul so you can be in the best state possible to create that beautiful big vision of yours for this year and beyond. There is also a link to download my meditation in this post that will really help you dig deep with those dreams. You can access the meditation here

Today I wanted to pop in here and talk to you about a key factor in achieving your goals and bringing that vision of yours to life. That is self-compassion and self-love. In my opinion these are the absolute key ingredients and going to be the star players in helping you get where you most want to be. 

And to help you with this I have created a beautiful worksheet that you can download and print out right here gorgeous. This was designed with so much love and to help you stay on track and make sure you are looking after yourself whilst working towards this beautiful big dream of yours. 

I can not reiterate how important it is that we do this because so often we set beautiful big goals and then we can go a little bit gung-ho about achieving them. Unfortunately, our health and wellbeing can fall to the back of the priority list and our self-care practices, the very ones that we know keep us feeling amazing and moving forward in the best way possible completely slide and self love is pushed to the back burner. 

This causes us to lose connection with our heart and truth and we end up becoming inflamed. 

What I mean by this is that it is exactly the same when somebody has an intolerance to food and when they eat that particular food, it causes inflammation and their bodies flare up and have an adverse reaction. It is the same for our minds and nervous systems and we need to be the doing the things that relax us. If we are not doing these things and living from this place, then our very person will become inflamed. Which of course means we are stressed, disconnected, frantic, unmotivated, irrational, fearful and not at all working or living in the best possible way. 

If you eat foods that are rubbish, you will feel like rubbish. If your thoughts, actions and behaviours are crappy, then you will feel like crap.  

We need to do the things that allow us to remain connected and that nourish us. And this is exactly why I created this worksheet for you, it will help you to continue to prioritise self care and self love practices. 

This worksheet asks big questions that will speak right to your heart – one of my favourite questions is: 

‘When you are having a really bad day and feeling down, when you may have fallen in to self doubt and your inner critic is on overdrive – What would the most wise and loving part of yourself say to you in the moment?’ 

Life is full of ups and downs – the ebb and flow of it all. It is normal and natural to have these moments and when you do you will be prepared to bring love and light in when the darker days flow in. 

So, take a few deep breaths, really slow down your breathing and answer the above question. What words of encouragement, what words of support, what words of LOVE would the most loving, kind, gentle aspect of yourself have to say to you right now in this difficult challenging moment? 

Write it all out beautiful and put those words in notes on your phone, or on a post-it on your computer or fridge or in your purse. Pop it in your diary, write yourself a letter and stash somewhere special. Have this love message for yourself ready to go when you need it beautiful. 

These are the words from your heart, the very words that believe in you and know you’ve got this – even on any tough days, even when doubt may creep in. 

You can read these words and know that that most kind, loving and gentle part of yourself is there inside of you right now encouraging you forward. 

That is one of my personal faves from the worksheet. You can download yours here beautiful and keep it with you so that you can check in and make sure that you are being incredibly compassionate, incredibly kind, super gentle and super loving with yourself during 2017 and beyond. 

I promise you when you make loving yourself a priority, magic happens. Absolute magic happens. 

Believing in you always, 

Jojo X