How to Bring Love and Light to the Darker Times of Life

Hi Beautiful, 

Let’s talk about how you can bring love to any painful or challenging life situation.

Life is full of ups and downs, and is never, ever always sunshine and rainbows, and pretending that it is only causes more discomfort and more pain. I really want to help you move through these time with as much love as possible. More love not less. 

The number one thing that you can do, is realise that the way that you’re feeling right now is not permanent. It’s not going to be how you feel forever. Life changes all of the time. All we need to do is look at our own lives and we know that we have not ever felt only one way our whole entire life. This is also mirrored in nature with the changing seasons. 

Things change. We change. Our feelings change. Nothing is forever. So what is happening for you right now, the situation that you currently may find yourself in – is not forever, you will not feel how you feel right now forever – Things Will Change. Really acknowledging this can bring relief, it is like a life raft that you can hold onto and it will give you hope knowing that this is not permanent. The feelings, the situation, the whole lot – will change. It’s inevitable. 

The second thing is being grateful. And i mean gratitude on supercharge here ladies! This is my personal light house that helps me find my way when I find myself in darker days or faced with a painful situation. And let me tell you, i get OTT with the gratitude.  I am a grateful person always but during difficulty, i really amp it up. I will message people way more than usual to tell them how much I love them and appreciate them, and I bring all of my focus to what is working well in my life. I bring my attention to all that I am blessed wit – the beautiful, beautiful people in my life, my home, my furbabies, the comforts that I have, and I get really, really REALLY grateful. 

So gorgeous, how can you start to be OTT with gratitude right now? One of the reasons this is so powerful is because it shifts our perception and allows us to see and feel the good in life. And at challenging times, we need that. And what we focus on grows. 

And then we do the same with our self care and self love practice. This is a really easy one to let slide – but again this is actually when we need it most. It’s really easy to be kind and loving to ourselves when everything is going well but it’s when shit hits the fan that we need to show our devotion to ourselves and our self love and care practise. And it is just that – a practice, something we do over and over. It’s not something that you do once and can then tick off your to-do list, it is is practice devoted to looking after and loving yourself always – just like you do your loved ones. 

You don’t need to make this shitty time even worse by becoming utterly depleted. It does not take much – the small, simple things like a cup of tea sitting on the front porch, have a bath, watch an episode of your favourite tv show that makes you laugh, do some cooking, go for a stroll outside, do some yoga or stretching, do my two- minute reset which you can find the video here or down load my meditation collaboration with Sonesence here. The options are endless – it just has to feel good for you. Doing those things that you normally do that make you feel amazing, those self-care practises, you really need to keep those up and be extra loving and kind to yourself right now. 

So if you are going through a tough time right now, I invite you right now to sit down and look at what you can do to really bring the self-care and the self-love back into your life? How can you look at what’s going on right now and be grateful?  

Get OTT with gratitude and self love beautiful.  

All my love, 

Jojo X x 

P.S. I invite you to book in here for a complimentary transformational coaching and mentoring conversation with me or find out more about me and the work i do here. It is my life mission to help support and guide people to truly love themselves for who they are, the perceived good and bad and all the in between, and live gently, simply with love. So please reach out gorgeous, let’s catch up for a coffee. I would love to chat with you. I hope that this has been helpful. If this has helped you, please feel free to share or share with people, loved ones that you feel might benefit from this little video today.