Beautiful Intolerance.

Is being intolerant of someone else's intolerance okay? Or is it fighting fire with fire? Is it the same same? It is it matched the same energy and just more of the same layering upon layer?

But what does intolerance actually mean?

Intolerance is an unwillingness to accept views, beliefs, or behaviour that differ from one's own.

So would perhaps it not be more helpful to meet intolerance with curiosity and an open heart? I am not saying, suggesting or even promoting condoning certain behaviour or beliefs, but what if instead we approached and dealt with it with love. More love. Does that sound too wishy washy, pollyanna to you?

I recall my first real job in Social Work at Juvenile Justice - it gave me a visceral experience of what i am talking about here, i worked with young offenders, each with stories and belief systems that had led them to where they were. Now it was my job to be open, to have heart and compassion and see the good in these young people. And that i did. I could have easily seen the crimes they committed and labelled them (don’t even get me started with labels - another post for another time) but i choose to see a human. Just like me, just like you.

And you know what, they may have done terrible things, but they weren’t terrible people up close. Brene Brown talks about this, about being up close with people and it is a notion i wholeheartedly know to be true. I  ALWAYS saw a good person who had done something bad, never did i see a bad person. There is a difference.

And just like with our Society, if we narrow in on the bad then we miss the bigger picture, we miss the opportunity to be anything other than that which we are so focused upon.

The way forward is with more love than ever before, we can’t do more of the same vibrational stuff that got us here and expect a different outcome. It needs to be different. More love. A love revolution if you will, and it can start right now with you beautiful, simply by being more loving and accepting of yourself you are changing the world.

So if I were to ask you what could you do for yourself today that showed more love on love, what would it be?

Until next time,

Lovingly yours in abundance.

Jojo x