What's the Hype with Self Care Sunday's?

#selfcaresunday has long been trending across social media. So whilst the the concept and meaning behind self care Sunday’s is wonderful - i’ve been questioning if it’s something that should be left until one day of the week?

And I have come to the conclusion that no, it is not something that should be left to one day a week. It is more than that, and whilst one day dedicated to self care is wonderful, i wonder if that’s setting up the framework that self care is long baths, massages, spa treatments and either costly or timely things.  

What i have been feeling is that  instead of this, we lean into self care being an ‘always’ thing. Part of our everyday, something we do without thinking, without needing a wad of cash or hours upon hours. **please note that massages and spas are wonderful and a truly great way to relax.** My feeling here is that It is something we do and bring into our everyday, as a way to show up for ourselves.

It’s something as seemingly small as drinking enough water each day, nourishing your body with fresh veggies, it’s singing whilst driving, it’s dancing while cooking, it’s the mid week yoga class, it’s looking yourself in the eyes while you brush your teeth and telling yourself that you love you, it's the mindful breaths while you wait for the kettle to boil. These little acts add up, self care touch points if you will that ensure your topped up. Not running on nothing until one day of the week where you get to lie in a bath for 30 minutes. You feel me here?!

Now we have established that self care is not all bubble baths and bliss balls…. And as already mentioned above, there is no denying that bathing is oh so good for the mind, body and soul. I actually love a bath myself, click here for my Detox bath salts recipe, it’s a goodie.

The question i would love to leave you with is this, how can you bring in small actions that make you feel good. Make you feel cared for and loved, make you feel calm and happy?

I would love you to share how you are making self care an everyday thing.

You see,  this my friends is how we start a love revolution. Self care is the love we show to ourselves.

And I believe that self love and acceptance is a revolution and will change the world.

With Oodles of Self Care,

Jojo X x