How to Live on Purpose

‘Everyone thinks of changing the world, when all you have to do is change yourself.’

I am such a firm believer in this. It is my hand on heart belief that self love and unconditional acceptance is a revolution and it will change the world.

I have made this my life’s work, my purpose and mission. You see, love is my mission and bringing it to all corners. The corners within individuals and to the corners of the world. We need to let love in, to let it be the guide. It is my belief that through unconditional love and acceptance of self we are then able to love and accept others exactly as they are, and any differences are celebrated and deeply respected.

It is my hand on heart, could-not-stop-if-i-tried life's mission to lead with kindness, bring light to the darkness and let love pave the way. Leading with love and spreading it too all hearts, all edges and everything in between.

But where do we start with all this lovely sounding self love and wholeheartedly accepting ourselves? Well, that is a great question honey!

An excellent starting place can just be reflecting on our life, our experiences to this point, and celebrating all the lessons you have learnt and all the ones you are yet to learn.

The road to inner peace and happiness is found in an appreciative attitude, generous spirit and the understanding that transformation begins in the mind, knowing that you can attract the most wondrous of things into your life with the right outlook. Imagine how your life would be if you were aligned with your true purpose, if you looked forward to every day because you were always doing and living from that place of purpose. (Hint: purpose is not always our job - it can be, but often times it’s not). To me, purpose is a state, a consciousness, a way of being.

Have you ever seen someone watering their plants so happy, content and in the moment or making food for loved ones clearly so delighted to be doing so - this is all purpose. And this comes from loving and accepting who we really truly are and letting that be the guide.

So my question for you today is, how can you lean in and live a little more on purpose? How can you live with more gratitude and generous spirit? Let’s lean in together. Love on love, always.

Until next time.

Lovingly yours,

Jojo x