If You want to Change Your Life You Need to Figure This Out

Hey there sweetheart, 

I wanted to jump in here today and talk with you about something that is lifechanging. And that is this, If you want to change your whole entire life, then you need to do this one thing. 

You need to figure out how your worst day, the very worst day or all of your worst days, have actually been your very best days. 

Now, stay with me here because I know at first you’re probably thinking, “No, my worst days are my worst days. They were absolutely terrible, and I don’t know how I can ever get over that and look at that as though that was one of my best days. You know, I was incredibly hurt. I was in so much pain. These terrible, terrible things happened.” And beautiful, I am not for one second taking away from any of that at all. Quite the opposite really. 

What I’m getting at here is this – 

The very person that you are today, you would not be that person if it weren’t for that bad day or weeks or months or years even. 

There was something that happened from that time that helped shape you. There is something in you that you wouldn’t have now or you wouldn’t be, if it wasn’t for that time. 

Maybe you have a strength now you didn’t have before, maybe you learnt what your healthy / happy boundaries are, maybe you had your whole life view open up and shift in an amazing way, one that has changed your future, changed you. 

What I’m inviting you to do is find the deeper meaning for yourself. Look at those times in your life, those really awful, challenging times, and look for the gold because it’s there. Once you find that gold you can then take that and apply that to your life now. 

You can see how something that was so difficult actually made us who we were today. 

Stronger, more grateful, open, wiser, spirited, determined, connected, beautiful, playful. 

Whatever it is, there will be something there that fuelled something in you and put you on a different path that you would never have gone on otherwise. And maybe, just maybe, that was exactly where you needed to go. Or if you believe what i do, you will know that you are always where you are meant to be. There was never a maybe, it is all for your highest good. 

So darling one, take a ponder into your past so that you can discover that in the darkest of times you found your greatest light. 

That’s all I wanted to share today. I hope you’re having a beautiful, beautiful day wherever you are. 

Sending all my love, 

Jojo X x