Where Do you Even Start When you Want to Make your Dreams Come True

Hello gorgeous, 

I wanted to chat with you about a question that I have been asked a lot lately. 

That is, where is a good place to start once you’ve decided that where you are currently in your life and how you are living and being is not where you want to be or who you really are. You know there is something else for you, and you’re ready to make the changes and start to take the steps you need so you can be living that beautiful dream life, sharing your beautiful energy with the world and embracing all parts of yourself. 

You’re ready to go on this journey of self (re) discovery, So where’s a good place to start? Let me show you one place that I think is a great starting point. 

A really beautiful place to start is by bringing attention and awareness to the language that you are using. It’s about intention setting and language to support those intentions. 

You see there are a few words and sneaky little phrases that will really keep you stuck if they are making their way into your thoughts and then in turn you are saying them to yourself or speaking them out loud to other people. 

This is because they’re not at all aligned with where you want to go and what you want to overcome and whom you know you really are. They’re going to keep you stuck, small and unhappy. I wanted to share a few of these with you today so you can then start to watch what words you are using. Once you become aware then you can weed them out and bring in some beautiful supportive language. 

I think I’ve narrowed this list down to some of the key players in unsupportive language but make sure you keep an eye out for any other culprits that might pop up for you. 

Okay, so here are a few that need to exit stage left right now! 

//I’m right 

//You’re wrong 

//I won’t 

//I can’t 

//It’s always 

//Everything is always 

//It won’t happen 

// It can’t happen 

//Not possible for me 

//It’s impossible 


If we are thinking in this way it is definitive, closed. There is no room for possibility and opportunity. The energy is not open. All of our words have energy and can keep us blocked even when we are ready to move forward. 

I invite you now to start to really listen to your thoughts and the language that you are using with yourself and other people. If you notice some of the negative Nancy’s above then it is time to send them packing and choose beautiful supportive positive language that is open and really going to help you get to what you want to be. Language that that is aligned with that beautiful vision and new direction that you’re heading in. 

So gorgeous, start to use the beautiful power of language to help you along your journey to get out there and shine your light and live that bright, vibrant life of yours. 

Love Jojo 
X x