How to Start Feeling Enough and Living Your Truth

Hey beautiful, 

Okay, so I’m going to get onto my soapbox and talk with you about something that’s very, very dear to my heart. 

I work with the most beautiful women all around the world in my mentoring and coaching business and what I see time and time again is women who show up and I can see their truest self straight away, I can see how amazing they are, how capable they are, how incredible they are, how beautiful they are. 

I see it straight away, I can feel it, but I also see that they don’t see this or feel this about themselves at all. 

They just do not feel good enough. 

They feel too much or not enough and it all boils down to not feeling worthy. 

Not feeling enough. 

Not accepting themselves and loving themselves unconditionally. 

This is a very human experience. Something that we all go through and feel. 

BUT what happens when people get stuck here? 

What happens when people get stuck in this energy of not-enoughness and their inner critic is on overdrive, their ego has taken over the show and they feel completely disconnected from themselves, in fact they don’t even really know who they are anymore. Instead they just feel lost, not really sure where they’re going, and they feel SO stuck that to get back to their truth feels completely out of reach and incomprehensible. 

It’s as though their lights have been turned off and they don’t have a clue where to go or how they can possibly turn them back on. 

It doesn’t matter how many times people say to them, ‘You’re beautiful, you’re capable, you’re amazing,’ it falls on deaf ears. In their darkness they can’t see it, they can’t feel it and they can’t hear it. 

If this is you at this moment, I want you to take a couple of deep breaths, and I want you to feel into your heart and all the space that directly surrounds your heart. I want you to stay here until you feel it soften, feel it warm. Just stay here. Breathing, feeling. 

I want you to know that this is your truth. This is inner peace within your body, your mind, and your spirit and you can access this anytime you want even in the dark. 

It’s through starting to access this part of yourself again, that you will figure out where the lights are in this darkness. And then you’ll get the strength to go and turn those lights on. Then you’re going to find the door, and you’re going to get the hell out of there, and you’re never going to go back. 

It’s just a tiny little practice that you can do right now. Feel into your heart. If you need to put your hand on your heart, do. If you need to close down your eyes and focus all of your attention and energy into your heart’s space, do. Do some deep breathing, feel that space, and you feel it soften. As soon as you do that, know that feeling. Start to really breathe into that beautiful feeling and know this is your truth. In this beautiful space, there is no self-doubt, there is no – I’m not enough; there is none of that stuff. It does not exist here. 

It’s just you in your truth. 

You are worthy. 

You are beautiful. 

You are enough and I believe in you. 

So beautiful, if you’re feeling like you’re in the dark, if you don’t know what the hell is going on, it’s okay. You are safe and you can start to do this simple little practice whenever you like. I like to think of it as the guide that will help lead you out of where you are right now to where you most want to be. 

Yours in the simplicity and love of living our truth 

Love Jojo X x