When the doubt creeps in… 

When the doubt creeps in….

Or smacks you in the face so unawares that before you know it you are in a full blown spiral of self loathing, chest pain and rising levels of certainty that you are in fact a failure. Thoughts swirling telling you ‘They were right, you were right’ – ‘Who do you think YOU ARE to be doing this?’ 


Let’s hit PAUSE. I interject here midst your slippery slide into the ‘not good enough’ panic attack esque moment and say – STOP! (Not hammer time (yet) but calmly breath, just breath, nothing more.) 


Come with me and let’s explore what this is. Why does this happen? What can you do when it does? 


Well firstly my love, when you are in these moments, in my experience the best thing to do is put SPACE between you and your thoughts. 


But first do not underestimate the power of taking a deep calm breath and again and again. 


I invite you to watch all thoughts that are coming up as if they were separate to you, outside of you. Now if we gave those thoughts a body and they became another person sitting next to you, how would you feel about what that person is saying to you? Or how they are behaving? Seriously this person was fine a minute ago and now they are clutching their chest certain that they are shit and the world is ending! What the actual……! You wouldn’t want to hang out with this person for long would you? You’d leave or ask them to leave. You’d put distance and space between you. And this is exactly what you need to do. Lovingly create space between you and your thoughts. Observe them. 


You see you are not these thoughts, this other person. This is not your true self; this is NOT coming from your heart, from love. It is FEAR! And fear is not real. Now is appropriate time for a haiku or two (actually just one but it rhymed and I like a rhyme, it adds rhythm and groove. And then I realised it was an acrostic poem not even one haiku, definitely not two) Moving on – 







Another excellent tip for snapping you out of fear mode is to break your state. I kid you not start singing …. 


‘Row row row your boat gently down the stream… merrily merrily merrily life is but a dream.’ 


Do a cartwheel in the back yard, stick a pencil sideways in your mouth (I got inspiration to do this from one of Renee Longworth’s  recent instagram posts ) and force yourself to smile.  

  Do something, anything else that gets you QUICKLY out of the grips of fear and CONNECTED back to you. To your own inner essence and golden self. Connected back to your heart, back to LOVE. 

Now, I am not saying block your feelings and shut them down. I am an advocate for letting ourselves feel what we need to feel and to express that. But is that inner mean girl voice (you know the one) speaking your truth? Or is she just feeding you a whole heap of bullshit? 

And now we get to say with a sigh and simultaneous release of all that tension being held in your body ‘Hi’ to empowerment because in this moment it is your choice and that puts the ball in your court baby. It’s now your call, you can choose to connect in with your heart and your true self and that inner golden guidance system that knows for CERTAIN that you’re good enough, that you’ve got this and it asks you “Who are you not to live the life of your dreams darling?’ 


I’d love to know what your dreams are. Big or small share below and let’s create a place where dreams do come true. Because they do, everyday. And now it’s your turn angel. 


Forever yours in dream making, 

Jo x x 

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