When the lights go out – Hold on 

I mean this quite literally and metaphorically.

A few weeks back here in Newcastle we were hit with a storm, it seemed out of the blue but looking back it had been raining on and off for what seemed like weeks. 

I remember waking to the wind. I’ve only ever heard wind like that twice before. Once in a cyclone when I lived in Cairns and secondly the 2007 June long weekend floods here in Newcastle when the Pasha Bulker washed up to our shores unable to hold against the strength and power of the wind. And just like then, the wind and rain had caused havoc again. Roofs ripped off, trees uprooted, power down. Lives forever changed. 

I went for a drive (probably an incredibly crazy move looking back now) but I wanted to see the ocean. Her sheer force – her beauty as she unleashed her inner wild. Not unlike that of true feminine energy. That mix of softness and beauty with an incredible power and strength not to be trifled with. I was in awe. And slightly terrified.. lol. 

For the rest of that week we were without power. And my goodness didn’t it leave me feeling power-less. 

You see about a week before the storm I was given notice that I was being made redundant in my social work position that I have been continuing with alongside my business. It threw me – not being able to ‘control’ what actions I was taking next to ensure that I was going to be okay without that regular paycheck. I was quite literally forced to surrender. 

To stop. 

To let go of old fears. 

To open up and see. 

To acknowledge that all of life is bigger than me. 


My purpose and what I am doing is bigger than me. It’s for you. 

And when I let go of that control and gripping so damn hard, I was able to soften, I could wholeheartedly surrender and trust the divinity of Mother Nature, of the universe. I could see the beauty. 

Here are the beautiful lessons I learnt the week that I had no power – 

-That us humans don’t much like our routines being interrupted but sometimes that is exactly what we need. Trust and Surrender. 

– That in the worst of times you see how god damn beautiful the human spirit is. People pull together, look after one another. To see someone take warm drinks and pieces of cake to the SES workers warmed my heart. People caring for other peoples pet’s and ensuring that they were safe. People opening their homes, their hearts. I deeply bow to that. 

– I came to realise more than ever that the more you push up against something – the more you will deem it to be wrong, unfair, unjust and the like and want things to be different. Which also means you will feel incredibly powerless. 


– Instead, if you embrace the situation, just as it is and find ways to be grateful and see the strengths of the here and now – the more power you will have. 


And the kicker – 

-That my true power can never be taken away. I ALWAYS have that within me. Always. It never leaves you. Not even when the lights go out. 


Can you relate to this experience in any way beautiful? Share away in the comments below. 

Love and embodied light, 

Jo x x