What are you seeking? 

It’s a big, bold step to declare your dreams to the Universe.

It means putting yourself out there. Baring your soul. Standing tall, proud and saying ‘This is what I want’. 

This can be down right scary. But the discomfort is worth it. 

Declaring your dreams and stating your desires – out loud and in public – has a special kind of potency. In fact, it’s kinda off-the-charts powerful. You see, the Universe rewards those who have the courage to suck in their breath, ignore their squirming stomach, and face their fears. It takes that sort of bravery as a signal that you mean business, that you’re really serious about making these dreams HAPPEN and come to LIFE. 

So today, I want to take a giant leap and declare to the world what my heart desires. 

Here goes! 

I‘m craving more connection. With my partner, with my friends, with my tribe, with my kindred ones, with myself. You know that feeling of souls being in synch? Of you feeling aligned? Of laughter flowing so freely from deep-down in your belly out into the world? Of words that don’t even need to be said because they’re already understood? That. I want more of that. 

 I want to write and speak on a much larger stage. It’s scary for me to say, because I’ve never written anything overly long or in depth or spoken to people on this scale, but it’s been calling to me in my heart for years now. I want to help thousands of women through my words, and empower them to chase after the life of their dreams. I want to get messy with words and let loose on the page and be in the moment when we are in person. I want to pour all the hard-won things I’ve learned into a format that can help the highest number of people possible. 


I want to expand and grow in ways I cannot even yet fathom. I want to keep moving forward with my face to the sun, the shadows fall behind me and grace all around me. 


I want to live each day with my heart so completely open that I can literally feel the light bursting out. And I want to live and work in a way that I can touch others hearts and see them light up too. 


Phew! Getting all those feelings out of me and into the world is SUCH a good feeling! Scary, yes. But freeing. 

Do you want to take a big leap too? Come share-and-declare your own goals and visions? I’d love to hear what’s sparking your soul, what’s beating your heart, what’s lighting your fire! Share with us in the comments below.

 Thanks for being you… 

Love and sunshine Jo