It floors me… 

My oh my the universe / fate / destiny – whatever you want to call it has a spectacular way of working doesn’t it!? 

I’m sitting here overcome with awe that I get to do this work (which it is not even Steven.. this is my jam!) that I LOVE. Work that I could and do talk about until the cows come home. (Not my cows.) 

I get to work with amazing women and hear them say statements like: 

‘I never thought I could possibly call myself a brave person. Today I did just that. I am brave.’ 


I will admit my eyes filled with happy tears for this beautiful brave soul. She had uncurled, expanded, grown and connected back to her self. Good lord it gives me goose bumps. 

I also have not always thought I was brave. Quite the opposite. I strapped myself with beliefs like ‘I can’t finish things that I start,’ ‘I won’t fit in if I pursue what I really want in life,’ ‘People might think I’m too silly, fluffy, airy, fat, thin, clever, dumb….’ And on and on it would go. 

So, I would stay small, stay stuck, not moving but knowing that movement and a shake up was EXACTLY what my life needed – what I needed. 

And to do that I needed to be brave. 

Brave enough to face what was going on, brave enough to see that it was ME that was holding myself back. Not my husband, not my family, not my friends, not my job. 

It was nothing external, it was ALL within me. 

And that gorgeous, was challenging. Uncomfortable to say the least. But holy moly was it liberating, life changing, and a complete game changer. 

And change the game it did! 

I went from the girl daydreaming about being a life coach and having my own business for as LONG as I can remember to LIVING it. And it feels out of this world amazing to be living my purpose, there really are no words. I am doing what I was always meant to be with clarity, confidence and courage. Unapologetically me. Living my dream one day at a time. 

I knew it was up to me. No excuses. No justifications. Just being brave enough to be honest with myself when I see I am shrinking, playing small, giving away my power to someone or something else. 

If you’re feeling stuck, lacking sparkle, dull, numb here are some ways for you to get the hell out of there…. 


1. Sit; grab a cup of tea or juice and PAUSE. Reflect on what’s not working for you right now. Think about it, write about it – get it out. Look at it. 


2. Now, What IS working? What is good, great, excellent, amazing right now in your life? Go to town… do you have beautiful hair? Do you have soul sisters that light up your life? A loving partner? Brothers and sisters that would do anything for you? Unconditionally loving parents? 


3. Take the time to notice the small things – they truly add up to the most heart stirring big things when you just let yourself see. We can get SO bogged down in what’s not working that it can be like opening a curtain and feeling the sunlight on your face when you start to focus and notice all the beauty that is already there. And I promise you it’s there. 


4. What’s your dream? You know the one that scares you because it feels as though it is attached to your heart somehow? It’s okay to feel scared, that just means you’re onto something real. You don’t have to take giant leaps, just feel that dream start to spread through your body. 


5. Maybe, just maybe you are exactly where you are meant to be. I believe we each have our own very personal journey and every teensy weensy bit adds up to who are you, that’s magic. I know for absolute certainty that I would not be the coach that I am had I started way back when. I needed to learn, grow and reach the point where I can give you my all. Of course I am still learning and growing that never stops, but now I get to do that with you. And you with me beautiful one. 

There is so much I want to say to you, there is so much I want to share. And I will keep sharing and turning up for you, because I believe in you. I see the real you. 


And I will keep believing in you – I will hold space for you until you feel ready. 


Ready to uncurl, to stand up, to expand, connect and to bravely step into your light. 


Are you ready? 


Yours in brave steps and dream making, 


Jo x x 


P.S Just letting you know lovely that I currently only have 4 spots left for beautiful clients this month. If this is something that has been swirling around in your heart and something you have been thinking of, head on over to my ‘Work with Me’ page where you can find out all the deets and book in for a 30 minute complimentary session where we can chat and get to know each other. I can’t wait to meet you. X x