I’m totally weird (and why that’s ok) 

Ever feel like you’re the odd one out in life?

Or like everyone else has some sort of secret rule book that you just didn’t get? Or like you’re just made up of different material – like, at a cellular level – than everyone else around you? 

I definitely felt that way for a long time. A really long time. Here’s a rundown on my weirdness: 

I carry crystals with me at all times. 

My Australian accent sometimes morphs into British without me realising (despite me being a born and bred Aussie girl). 

I’m obsessed with miniature animals – miniature horses, miniature donkeys, miniature dogs… Don’t even get me started on the cuteness of teacup pigs! 

I have always been sensitive to other people’s energy, my whole life. I can ‘sense’ what people are feeling. 

I love to skip. Like, really love to skip. Sometimes my husband holds hands with me and we skip down the street together, ‘cos he knows how much it delights me. 

I have a slight fear of garden gnomes, and a real fear of lifts. Every time I get in one, I have to breathe calmly and tell myself ‘I am ok’. I am not even kidding… every time. 

If people go to get me something to eat, their normal response is to come back and say that they just got the strangest food they could find for me. Hello! Kale is not weird people, it’s magic. 

I am an incredibly awkward hugger. Think: limbs askew, accidental inappropriate touching, and unfortunate timing. Once I accidentally ended up kissing a male friend’s Adam’s apple due to a poorly executed cheek kiss. Fo’ real. It happened. 

I see the world through intensely rose-coloured glasses. Always have, hopefully always will. 

Which all add up to me feeling… weird. 

For the longest time, I felt consumed by the fact that I was so clearly different to other people. Friends and family members would often say that the way I viewed the world was ‘weird’. I really believed I was different and that different was bad. 

Until one day, I had a massive aha moment. 

Someone said to me ‘What if there is nothing wrong with you?’ 

It sounds so simple, but it shook my whole view of myself and my life. I had been trying for so long to fit in, to be normal, to stop being so weird and just get a normal job and live a normal life—all of which were NOT making me happy. 

All of a sudden, in that moment, with those simple words, I had a major epiphany: What if she’s right? What if there is nothing wrong with me? What if I am different and weird, and that’s totally okay? What if I even go so far as to say that I like my weirdness, that I totes dig the person that I am? 

Mind = blown. 

Those simple words made me rethink my entire attitude to myself. No longer did I need to be sort-of embarrassed by the weird way that I saw the world or my quirky mannerisms. In fact, they were something to be celebrated! 

These days, I embrace all the different parts of myself. I don’t hide them away, I don’t shrink to fit in a certain mould, and I definitely don’t try to diminish my strengths. Instead, I’m fully me – quirks and all. And I love it. 

So today I wanted to say to you that if you’re weird too, it’s okay. Don’t try to be something you are not. In the words of Judy Garland ‘Always be a first rate version of yourself and not a second rate version of someone else.’ Wise words, Judy! You have gifts that no one else have; you are a one of a kind. Connect with that, embrace that, truly feel it. And darling, once you do – once you really connect with yourself and let you BE YOU – well, that’s one of the best and most freaking heart-opening feelings in the world. 

Now I’d love to hear from you, gorgeous. Do you wave your weird flag with pride? Are you ready to own your weirdness? Tell me in the comments, loud and proud! 

Love Jo