How to make a decision when you’re totally confused! 

Left or right. Up or down. Black or white. Leave or stay. 

It can be so damn tough. 

When you reach a fork in the road, and you know that whichever path you take means the loss of some other choice, it can be So. Crazy. Hard. to reach a decision. What do you do when you’re at a complete loss as to whether to… Stay at your job or leave? Study science, law or head to beauty college? Give your relationship another go or move on? Take a year off and travel or take the internship? 

It’s enough to make your stomach squirm and your head spin! 

You’re not alone! All of us struggle with these sorts of Big, Fat Decisions. 

I know for me, I was absolutely flummoxed (yes, flummoxed!) as to whether I should contact a very important man in my life – a man who had been my father figure until I was 12 – or if I should just let him go. We had lost contact, life got busy, and all of a sudden years had passed and I was faced with a decision. It made me feel anxious, scared, confused, totally lost with emotions running high. Most people were telling me to leave it, to let the past be. But my gut was saying it was time. Time to reconnect, to let bygones be bygones. To live in the now and reach out. This was no small situation. 

In the end, I acted and followed my heart. I reached out – I hit ‘Friend request’ on Facebook and send a heartfelt message. It turned out to be better than I could have imagined. We have since caught up in person and spent a weekend catching up on what has been happening in both of our lives. Laughter and tears. I was so glad that I trusted my instincts and tuned into my heart. Life is a journey and it doesn’t come with a road map. But if we close our eyes, take a deep breath and turn in… you know. You always somehow know. 

When it comes to making big decisions in your own life, here are a few things to keep in mind: 

1. No one knows you as well as you do. You are your own best guide. No one on this planet will ever know you, your thoughts, your deep heartfelt feelings and dreams like you do. TRUST you…. 

2. Not everyone who offers advice is worthy of your consideration. Despite their best intentions, not everyone actually knows what they’re talking about. Or the ins and outs of your particular situation. And what might have worked and been awesome for them may not be so awesome for you. 

3. Sometimes, great advice comes from unusual sources. Stay open to life and all the people and experiences in it. I believe that we get signs all the time if we just listen and are open to receive them. It may sound crazy, but it has never been wrong for me and is a constant source of comfort in my life. (Thank you, universe ) 

4. It helps to tune into your heart and intuition. If you are not following your heart calling… you will know. There will be a tugging at your heart, and your body will start to send you messages. Listen and be brave, darling. 

5. It doesn’t necessarily have to be an either-or situation. Look for ways you can have your cake and eat it too… how can you make this work the very best for you? 

6. And finally, the choice is yours, and yours alone. Ultimately, the decision rests with you. This is your beautiful life darling: live it in a way that YOU love!! 

Have you had to make any decisions that had you totally confused and uncertain? What did you do to finally make a choice? 

Love Jo xx