How to be more productive 

Who wouldn’t love to get more things done each day?! 

I consider myself to be a pretty productive person – I’m excellent at writing lists and working my way through them, I’m great at breaking big projects down into bite-sized tasks, and I’m very good at rewarding myself when all my work is done(!) Hello Mani / Pedi. 

But like everyone, there are still areas that I struggle with and things that all-too-easily derail my best efforts to get things done. (Yep, I’m looking at you, Mr Facebook and Miss Insty!) 

I’ve been experimenting a lot recently with how to up my productivity levels even more. Here are the top 5 things that are making the most difference now, and that you can try implementing in your own life too. 

1. I’ve stopped checking my email first thing in the morning. 

When you dive into the murky depths of your email account, all of a sudden, you’re not in control anymore. You’re reacting to other people’s requests and priorities, rather than following through on what’s most important to you. 

I now do my best to spend the first two hours of my workday email free, focusing on Big Important Tasks instead. It’s not always possible (in fact, I don’t reach that goal more than I’d care to admit), but every little bit counts! 

2. I limit my time on social media.

Seriously, this is so important. Social media is like a vortex where time goes to die. It just gets sucked away, never ever able to be retrieved. 

3. Exercise. 

Yep, it is truly magical. I feel so much better, brighter, and focused when I am sticking with my exercise routine and moving my body each day. The healthy mind / healthy body thing is real and it works. 

4. As mentioned above – rewards! 

Celebrate your wins. Mark points along the way to celebrate all the hard work that you’re doing and how far you have already come. Enjoy the journey too, it will inspire you to keep going the distance. Life can be one big party if we choose it to be – if you put in the effort and time to get to do what you love, and if you do what you need to do to make your life the very best it can be. And I think that even the small things in life are a reason to pull out the bubbles, because my darling, it is all those little things that will add up to one big and beautiful life. 

5. If you need, enlist an accountability buddy. 

We all know you’re more likely to go to the gym if you are meeting your friend. Projects and tasks are the same. Grab your bestie or your Mum and tell them what you are doing and when you plan to have it done. Ask them to keep checking in with you to track your progress. By giving yourself a deadline and letting others know makes it real and you will want to live up to your word. 

Now that you’ve seen my top 5 tips, I’d L.O.V.E. to hear what your best and brightest productivity hacks are. Tell me in the comments: what’s your secret weapon in the war to get more done? 

Can’t wait to see what we come up with! 

Love Jo