How a Post-it note can change your life 

Every single day, when I sit down at my desk to start work, I do one thing to set me up for a good day.

And, as you’ve probably guessed by now, it involves a little coloured square of sticky paper. Intrigued? 

It’s all about intention. 

As I sit there, with the day stretched out before me, I ask myself: What is my intention for today? 

If I’ve got loads of stuff on, and know that I’m going to be feeling the pinch, I might say that my intention is to be calm and grounded. 

If I have oodles to do, and not enough time to do it (which happens a little too often for my liking!) I might declare that my intention is to be focused and productive. 

And if I know that I really need to pump up the energy and be there for my gorgeous clients, I might decide that my intention is to be energised and incredibly present. 

Whatever words I choose for the day, I write them on a post-it note and stick it to my computer. You’d be surprised how often my eyes flit over those little words each day, and how much they help me. How much meaning and guidance they give me. 

You see, the act of setting an intention for how you want your day to unfold is SO super powerful. 

By declaring what you want in this way, it sets the wheels in motion for you to receive it. It serves as a guide and if you are moving away from your intention you can bring yourself back, remind yourself, take a deep breath in and reconnect and then keep moving forward. It is almost like an agreement you enter into with yourself. And there is something about putting pen to paper that really brings it home to you and cements it into your mind so every step, every action can be aligned with your intention. 

If you’re having trouble picking out a word for the day, just close your eyes and take a deep breath in and just trust your heart. Feel into your heart and it will come to you. The very first word is perfect. Go with your heart and you will not be led astray. 

[Betcha never thought a simple little post-it could be so powerful, hey?!] 


Are you going to give this a go, gorgeous? 


Love and peace ~ Jo