Dealing with the dreaded question… 

It’s that awful moment you dread.

You can feel it building from a mile off. You’re standing there chatting with your well-meaning aunt or the lady down the road or that guy from high school. When all of a sudden they ask you some sort of variation of the dreaded question: 

So what do you do? 

What are you doing with your life? 

When are you going to stop messing around and find a focus? 

When are you going to get a real job? 


When you’re not quite sure what your life’s purpose is, these sorts of inquiries can leave you feeling… Well, to be frank, pretty crap! 

There’s nothing quite so stressful as not having a clue about what you want to be doing with your life. You know you’ve got all this amazing energy and passion deep down inside of you, yet you have no idea how you want to be channelling it. 

(And let’s face it, when we don’t know where to channel it, we start to pour it into the wrong things. You know, like ebay. Or Game of Thrones marathons. Or sampling the entire range of Vodka Cruisers.) 

So when Aunty Muriel or Cousin Penelope stings you with the dreaded question at your next family barbecue, and you feel yourself starting to become defensive and uncomfortable, here’s a great way to defuse the situation and come out of it feeling good. 

1. Take a deep breath. 

This is always the best way to calm down in any 

2. Recognise that most people are asking out of curiosity, not malice. 

Aunty Muriel and Uncle Gazza are most likely asking because they care, because they’re interested, and because it’s a polite thing to ask. NOT because they want to put you on the spot and make you feel like you’re going nowhere. 

3. Have a pre-prepared answer. 

Perhaps something a bit light and humorous, with a grain of truth. Or even something as simple as ‘I’m young, I’m having fun figuring all this LIFE stuff out.’ 

4. Deliver it with a smile! 

The hands-down best way to disarm people is with a killer smile. It shows that you are okay with where you are at and who you are. Own it gorgeous. If you are totally accepting of your self and where you are right now, others will feel that and dig that too. 

5. Walk away with your head held high. 

If you feel that someone is asking out of malice, or just being plain nosy or judgemental, leave them their judgements and walk away. You don’t EVER need to justify yourself to someone else, nor do you need his or her approval. So head high, gorgeous one, and excuse yourself. 


Now I’d love to hear from you… Do you feel uncomfortable when faced with the dreaded question? How do you deal with it? I’d love to hear your strategies. 


Thank you for sharing, 

Love Jo