Being Real is your RADIANCE. 

I want to share some truth – and not the ten steps to feeling happier kind – but the soul-baring, heart-exposing, vulnerable-as-all-heck kind.

So, here I am, stripping it all back with my words for you … Come with me as I share my story.   


If you have been following me for a while you may already know that I have worked in the community services industry for over a decade. And yet there was always a calling within me to go deeper, show up in a greater capacity and do more. For years I felt as though there was something wrong with me and I tried to fit myself into other people’s moulds. 


But as I am sure you can guess, that path was wholeheartedly exhausting and led to the development of serious anxiety and depression. It was then that I decided to make my own mould. I wasn’t sure what that mould would look like or how I would make it, but I was all in. 


Enter the Beautiful You Life Coaching Academy. As corny as this sounds, the first day I walked into the room for training was such a game-changer for me. It was one of those moments where it felt like time stood still and everything fell into place. I had found my people, I had discovered my place and I knew that I was most definitely where I was meant to be. 


Through my training I made the most beautiful lifelong connections with women that brought the term ‘soul sisters’ to life for me. I had never experienced a group of women that were all pure love. No comparison, no judgment – just genuine connection, loving support and acceptance. ACCEPTANCE. I didn’t feel like the weird girl that had to hide parts of herself. 


I knew more than ever that coaching was for me and I was going to do whatever it took to get out there and make it happen. There was a burning desire to help others light their hearts growing so big within me that I could barely contain it. So, in no time at all, I built my website and put myself out there. Now, not a day goes by that I don’t wake up without a heart full of gratitude for being so blessed to do what I do. It isn’t something I take lightly. 

 But I want to be real with you – this journey, it’s not always easy. As I walk this path and overcome long-held fears and beliefs, it can be uncomfortable to say the least. I can feel stretched but I know that stretching is a good thing – you know the whole stepping out of your comfort zone thing! 


Yep, I get it: I’ve preached that too many times to count. But truly, since I started this journey I have felt that when I stretched – I would follow that with a bout of shrinking. 

 Stretch – shrink – stretch – shrink – stretch – shrink. 

I now call this an entrepreneurial dance – like the supporting act to the main show. 


But … this dance also left me wondering whether this gig was all that it’s cracked up to be – I mean seriously when is the main event going to start? 


And the answer is: “When you get on the bloody stage, Jo!” 


Now I mean this metaphorically and literally. You see, whenever I thought about where I wanted my business – my soul work to go – I always, ALWAYS saw myself on stage talking and sharing golden light with my words and presence. 


And guess what? Just last week I had my first real-life speaking gig … and my oh my, did it bring up my ‘stuff.’ 


I was an emotional wreck leading up to it – all of those fear-based thoughts and negative mind chatter on overdrive. 


To get through it, I had to really anchor into my WHY. Why I do this – because my why is so much bigger than just me and my fears. And I knew deep within that if I listened to that inner mean voice and let it win and didn’t go – then my heart would break. Just like I know that if I don’t keep showing up day after day no matter how uncomfortable I am, then I will be miserable, depressed. 


And that is SO much worse than the discomfort. 


This may sound very dramatic – but it is my truth. I am here to serve you. My life purpose is to bring light to your heart. 


So the Beautiful You Inspiration Day (my first speaking gig) rocked around and I grounded myself, repeated the phrase ‘I am present’ and ‘Being real is radiance.’ I knew that all I had to do was speak from my heart. 


It was definitely a surreal experience – I was nervous all day but the second I got on the stage, I let go and trusted myself. I was so, SO calm and grounded and I put all of my focus on how I could serve and offer light, love and peace through my words and presence. And it all just flowed. 


Just like that, the scared little girl that thought she was a weirdo and not good enough, was sitting on stage speaking her truth free of all the not enoughs, not letting fear win but instead living from her heart. 


I share this with you because I want you to know that you are not alone. Sometimes with the online world people and situations can seem shiny and perfect and I strived to be like that for such a long time – always feeling as though I fell short. 


What I now know for sure is that our souls cannot move forward without integrity. I needed to be with my pain and learn that pain is not bad – it is just my humanity. I needed to accept all parts of myself – the light and the dark. And it is through this acceptance and integration that I can see with crystal clear clarity that being real is where the radiance is. That’s where we shine our brightest. 


Stay tuned as later this week I will share my musings on my first year as a business woman and life coach! 


Yours in radiance, 


Jo x x 


P.S. If you are a new coach, keep your eyes peeled as I am releasing an eBook in the not-too-distant future with a secret chapter just for you. 


P.P.S.. If life coaching calls to your heart and you want to know more about The Beautiful You Life Coaching Academy from a Certified Graduate– email me at and let’s get a conversation started. The world needs your special gifts. X x