Are you pushing too hard? 

It’s great to have goals.

It’s excellent to be dedicated to achieving them. And it’s super-awesome when you’re consistently taking action and following through on them. Go you!! 

But not-so-awesome? When you’re pushing towards them so fiercely that it starts to become detrimental to you, your health, your wellbeing, your relationships and your overall quality of life. 

Like when you’re sooooo focused on doing a PB in your next triathlon, that you overtrain and injure yourself. 

Or when you’re sooooo intent on getting an A in your exam that you work yourself into the ground and immediately get sick. 

Or when you’re sooooo obsessed with acing the job interview that you psych yourself out, get crazy anxiety, and crash and burn. 

Sound familiar? 

There’s a fine line between not being motivated enough to achieve your goals, and being so motivated that you stop tuning in to your truth. It’s really important that as you work towards bringing your vision to life, you’re still constantly checking in with yourself – with your body, your head and your heart– to make sure that you’re not running yourself into the ground and that you’re giving yourself the rest-and-recovery you need. 

There are a number of warning signs that you’re out of alignment and pushing too hard. Things like: 

  • Feeling tired all the time 

  • Getting emotional and teary for no reason 

  • Panicking at the thought of failure 

  • Can’t remember the last time you thoughtfully made a meal, instead of just eating whatever you can grab on the run 

  • Shutting down and shutting people out 

  • Reacting in ways that you would never normally and that you just know aren’t you 

  • Not being able to REALLY relax, let go, and just be. Feeling would up so tight all the friggen time. 



If you’ve got alarm bells ringing right now, it might be time to take your foot off the accelerator and cut yourself a little slack.

If you don’t, you are headed for something that will make you slow down. Life is funny like that — you’ll get sick, you’ll have a complete emotional break down, total quarter life crisis and feel SO disconnected from yourself, not to mention your loved ones. You’ll have strained relationships and feel unsupported… all because you are not supporting yourself. 

When you are at your best and take time for YOU, everything else in your life will flow with beautiful ease and natural rhythm. Nothing forced, not like you’re a hamster on a wheel, but just a beautiful flow of self love, self respect and a healthy dose of kindness to YOU. You are one awesome person but you can only do as much as you can and you know what, that is ALWAYS enough. You are enough. And if you still have doubts then I am telling you with my hand on heart that you are, YOU ARE DOING ENOUGH. YOU ARE ENOUGH. 

Rest and recovery time is just as important to achieving your goals as your actual time spent working. That’s when your muscles rebuild and replenish. That’s when new sparkling ideas come into your mind. That’s when you start seeing things with a fresh perspective and renewed vigour. 

If you’re having trouble giving yourself a break, try this technique: 

Reframe rest time from a luxury, into a necessity. 

When you catch yourself feeling guilty about taking time off, choose to actively reframe those thoughts: Taking a break is imperative for my health and wellbeing, and that’s my number one priority. 

Throughout it all, beautiful, remember this: nothing is ever worth hurting yourself for. Ever. And you are worthy of all the nourishment, rest and recovery you’re craving. 

I promise. 

Beaming you love and peace,

Jo xx