Balancing the Spiritual and Material Sides of Yourself 

Some people might be shocked at what I’m going to say today. But I’m gonna say it anyway: 

You can be a spiritual person and still care about fashion. 

You can be a spiritual person and still be ambitious about your job. 

You can be a spiritual person and still read glossy magazines, listen to hip-hop music, and eat way too many Starburst. 

Too many of us are stuck in an ‘either-or’ way of thinking about spirituality. Either you’re spiritual OR you care about the latest fancy haircare product. Either you’re spiritual OR you want to climb the corporate ladder. Either you’re spiritual OR you know who Gossip Girl really is. 

But not both. 

But this sort of thinking is seriously holding us back from being our best selves in all areas of our life. 

When it comes to spirituality, there’s no one-size-fits-all rule. 

Different things appeal to different people, everyone is allowed their own passion, and no-one’s choices should be dismissed because they seem on the face of things to be ‘less spiritual’. 

I know when it comes to my own life, there was a long time there where I was embarrassed about my love of spiritual things like my ‘angel cards’, the fact that I love to mediate to music, and that I totally dig metaphysics. 

On the flip side, I also felt shallow because I love a good spray tan, getting my hair done, fashion and can talk all things girly until the cows come home. (Speaking of, does anyone know when they actually come home? Those cows have been gone for a looonng time!) 

Semantics aside, I was worried people would think I was weird or superficial and might not see me as credible or someone to take seriously. But then I realised that I am me and that means I am a mix of crystal-carrying, yoga-loving, green-smoothie sipping, believer in magic, whilst also having an unconditional love for my GHD, a great organic tan, clothes that I love, a good mani / pedi, and girly TV shows like ‘Hart of Dixie.’ It’s not a contradiction, it is just me. 

And all you need to be is YOU. All of you, all parts, all sides. Just YOU. 

You see, the truth is, what lights you up is what lights you up. You can’t change that, you can’t control that, you can only surrender to your passions. 

In fact, there’s a reason why you have such a unique blend of interests and passions—it means you bring something to the table that no-one else does. You see things in a way that’s just sliiightly different to every other human on this earth. And the Universe has big plans for you, honeybee. 

So if you’re someone who is obsessed with every aspect of fashion, that is who you are and you shouldn’t deny that. If you are intent on climbing to the highest peak of the corporate mountain, you should absolutely do that. And if you’re never happier than when creating LOL-cat memes on Facebook, then there’s a reason for that too. 

Embrace who you are. Every single beautiful inch of you. The Universe made you that way for a reason. 

Love Jo Xx 

PS – Lovely, I’d love to hear from you. Are there any passions, hobbies or interests you have that made you feel embarrassed? Have you ever felt the need to defend them from other’s judgements? Share with me in the comments below and let’s start a conversation.