All Kinds Radio - Episode 1


Hi Honey,

Welcome back to All Kinds Radio. I'm so excited to be here with you guys, as always. Today's episode is all about overwhelm. This is a place I have found myself time and time again, and no matter how much knowledge and knowing that I have around what I need to do to keep myself out of overwhelm, I still manage to find myself there.

So, I know so many of you do, too. It can almost be a little bit of a default mode, so I want to talk today about how we can stop overwhelm in its tracks. I'm going to take you through a few very useful little tips.

Number one is when you find yourself back in that place of overwhelm, just firstly drop the judgment. 

Instead of fighting it or judging it, or beating yourself up thinking, "Oh, my gosh, how did I end up back here?" Let's just get really curious about it. Let's get really curious about how you're feeling, and as the fear or stress or anxiety, whatever's arising, just let's recognise it. Just recognise what you're actually feeling.

So by doing that, where it's almost like an exhale, you know? It's instead of being in that space of, "Oh, my gosh, why am I here again?" And, "I can't believe that" and, "I know better." "I've dropped my practices" or whatever, which is almost keeping us in that energy of running on the treadmill, you know? We want to just exhale and get really curious, and just be like, "Hmm, how am I actually feeling?"

Which brings me to point two, is breathe. In that moment, whenever you can catch yourself and you're like, "How am I feeling?" Start to slow your breathing down. I will talk a lot, and I'm sure you'll hear me time and time and time again refer back to our breath. In that moment, in any moment you can feel that overwhelm bubbling up or that you're deep in it, just take a few deep breaths. Take 5 or 10 or 20, and just really concentrate on slowing your breath down. Slowing the inhale, and slowing the exhale.

This is actually one way that we can signal to our nervous system that we are safe. We don't need to rush. I'll go into a lot more about the power of breath over coming episodes, but for right now, just take a few deep breaths. 5 to 10, 20 if you have time. You may find focusing on one spot, find something to just focus on, and focus on that one spot before you breathe in and out.

Long inhale, extra long exhale. And then, come into a space of gratitude, so then it's about what can you really be grateful for that is working right now? Can you be grateful for catching yourself in overwhelm? Can you be grateful for now having the opportunity to create space? Can you be grateful for the beautiful people that are surrounding you? Can you be grateful for how passionate you are about what you're doing, that you work so much, that you find yourself in overwhelm? How can you now take that passion and instead of finding yourself in overwhelm, really do it in a way that is sustainable and feels good?

Look at all of the blessings, and just be really present with where you are right now. Another really beautiful tip, and this is something that I suggest to my clients, is meditation. Obviously I know we live in a very busy world and it's not practical for everybody to sit down for half an hour to an hour in the morning, and the evening, and in fact, meditation in my view, can be whatever you need it to be.

One of the things I suggest is finding the pockets of peace, is what I call them. Look for the little moments during the day that you can just do that beautiful breathing. It might be sitting at the traffic lights on your way to work. It might be why you're waiting for the kettle to boil in the morning. Another really beautiful way is when you're having a shower in the morning, or the nighttime, and as the water is coming down over your skin, focus on how that feels on your skin. Focus on the body wash that you're using, and does it smell? Is it foamy? Then imagine all of your worries, all of that overwhelm just being washed away and leaving you with this deep sense of inner peace.

Then, moving onto the last point here is journaling. That doesn't always mean writing. Some people will naturally really love to write, and that's great. Write away. But it's more of a reflective practice, so just getting accustomed and used to looking inside, it's one of the most effective ways to practice mindfulness, and a really great tip in stopping that overwhelm.

Being present and again, this could be writing down how you're feeling, and just being really present when you write each word. It could be driving, reflecting on everything that's led up to you being back in the space of overwhelm, and looking at that clearly, and with love. Again, this is not about placing harsh judgments on yourself. We're actually coming at this with a place of love, and you'll start to see your intuition will start to come through and be like, "Okay, I can see that I've done this because I was trying to please all of these people and I've actually put myself last again, and perhaps that a pattern of mine. So what I'm going to do now, I can recognise this, is come into that place of inner calm, come into that place of my truth and who I really am, and I'm going to start to feel into saying no and setting boundaries, and how can I do that?"

Or whatever arises, in what way, whether that's sometimes walking can be the same as journaling for people, as well. You might be able to really clear your thoughts as you walk and get that beautiful clarity, and be in that space where your intuition and that inner wisdom will really come through quite strongly, or it may very well be a beautiful notebook and pen, and a cup of tea or a coffee or a juice, or whatever tickles your fancy, and doing it that way.

I hope that these tips help you to really stop that overwhelm in its tracks, and come into that place of truth and learning to listen to that, and cultivate that mindfulness and cultivate that relationship with yourself, and your truth, and your intuition, and moving and moving from that place. 

I hope you've enjoyed this today. Please leave any comment in the notes below, and you can find me at I love hearing from you guys. Let me know how you go with stopping overwhelm in its tracks.

Lots of love.

JoJo xx

All Kinds Radio Intro


Hi there. 

Welcome to All Kinds radio. You are with myself, Jo Kendall, and I'm so excited to be here with you.

Today, I wanted to jump in and talk to you about the willingness to change. So, over the coming episodes, I'm really going to be diving into providing you with a roadmap and all of the resources and everything that you will need to make any transformations that you're wanting to make in your life. And this is the thing, with anything that we're going through in our life we have to have the willingness that will allow it to be possible. 

This is a really short episode today but, it's a very important one because, we need to have this openness and this in our bodies and minds and accept this before we can actually do the things that we really want too. 

So today, I want you to start to feeling to and ask yourself, "Are you willing to change?" I want you to be willing to see life with clearer eyes. Understanding that our minds are happy program to predict us and any anxiety that may arise around making changes and moving into that person that we know we really are. Our brain is there to look out for perceived danger. I want to remind you that you are safe. You are safe to be healthy. You are safe to live a beautiful life. You are safe to be in control of your decisions. And, you are safe to be you.

Right now I want you to take a moment and ask yourself. "Am I willing to change?" And then, take a moment to thank yourself for your willingness. And then, take a deep breath and exhale. And repeat after me. "I am willing to change. I am willing to change. I am willing to change." It's that simple. That simple. "I am willing to change." So, take that beautiful sentence, take those words with you for the day. "I am willing to change." 

I am so excited and I cannot wait to share in all of the transformations and journeys into you being more you than ever before. 

All my love.

Jojo xo

How to Hit Reset on your Life in Two Minutes

Hey there lover, 

Let’s talk about the two minute reset. I hear you asking ‘Is it actually possible to reset your whole entire life and how you’re feeling right now in two minutes?’ I say yes. I say that you can feel completely different than you do right now in two minutes by doing the following. 

You can increase the two minutes over time if you like, however for now two minutes is perfect. 

So, what on earth are you going to do in two minutes that’s going to make you feel completely different? 

Well, there’s actually a lot of things that you could do that would make you feel completely different, but this exercise is going to make you feel clear, centred, aligned, back in your body and ready to go again. You will feel like YOU. You’ll feel calm and you will feel like you’ve just hit the reset button. 

You know how good you feel after you clean out a room or clean your house, yeah you’ll feel like that! This two minute reset is is a decluttering of your mental, emotional and energetic state. 

Still with me? You want in? Okay sweet one this is what you need to do… 

This can be done ANYWHERE, your bedroom, your office, wherever. Yep, you can still do this if you’re at work or in a crowded environment.  If you like you can pop headphones if you can and get as comfortable as you can depending where you are. If you are in your home, you may like to lay down on your lounge or bed, if you’re sitting at your desk just settle in for the two minutes. Set an alarm on your phone for two minutes time and turn on aeroplane mode. 

And now, all you need to do is just focus on your breathing, for two minutes. Bring awareness to your breath. Does it feel cold, hot, are you breathing more out of one nostril. Breath in, breath out. 

Slow your breathing down.. and then slow it down again. Long inhales and long exhales…..slow it doooowwwwnn…. 

You can do this with your eyes open or closed, depending on your environment and what feels good for you right now. 

Now that you’re breathing slowly, on your next in breath allow it to fill your belly and expanding your belly to the point where it moves your ribs and then exhaling it all out. If you have privacy and you feel comfortable, you can really make big noises, really allowing your whole body to expand and release. But again if you are out and about and in a more public place you can just gently focus on it yourself. No one will know. Promise. 

You can bring some affirmations in with the breath for example as you breath in ‘I breath in love and light.’ and on the exhale ‘I let go of all that doesn’t serve me.’ 

 ‘I breathe in the positive, I breathe out the negative. I breathe in the positive, I breathe out the negative.’ 

You can just repeat this. 

In and out, expansion, release, expansion, release.  

And here is a life hack of this two minute reset for you that you can whip out when you REALLY need to calm your nervous system like right now! 

Slow your breathing. 

Sound too simple? Let me assure you this works. 

The second you start to breath slower, it sends a signal to our brain that we are safe which calms the nervous system. When we are in a state of fight or flight, we start to breathe quicker, faster and this signals that there’s danger and there’s something to be frightened of. So, by slowing down your breath it will automatically signal to your brain that, for you to be breathing this slowly, for you to be breathing in this calm state – you are safe. 

And once your body feels safe, everything relaxes and you feel calm. You feel centred. You can start to connect back into your heart space. You can start to open. You can start to come into your body and the tension, anxiety and fear will melt away. 

AND you can do all of this in two minutes!  

Two minutes! Forget the two minute noodles. Let’s do the two minute life reset. (That was a very bad attempt at humour #funnyfail NOTE TO SELF: Don’t make bad jokes about noodles, i am not sure they are ever funny.) Moving on… 

Beautiful, give this a go and let me know how you go. Share this with your friends, family and  soul sisters that you feel would benefit from this. 

All my love on all your breaths, 

Jojo X x