I love so much I have made it my life’s purpose to love others.

It is my superpower. I love unequivocally.

Love is my mission - to bring it to all corners. The corners within individuals and to the corners of the world. We need to let love in, let it be the guide. It is my belief that through unconditional love and acceptance of self we are then able to love and accept others exactly as they are and any differences are celebrated and deeply respected. It is my hand on heart, could-not-stop-if-i-tried life's mission to lead with kindness, bring light to the darkness and let love pave the way.




Hi there,

I am so happy you here! Really!!

Let me be honest, this page does not follow the format that is prescribed for ‘about pages’ on websites.

I tried, oh how I tried to follow that format but I kept getting stuck, hitting a wall and at first I thought there was something wrong with me, it must be me right?! Nope, well yes - I was trying to fit a mould that didn’t fit.

What I have come to realise is that ‘formats + formula’s’ whilst great don’t always work. Because we are all unique and there will never ever be only one way.

There are as many ways as there are people and living creatures in this beautiful universe. I am incredibly passionate about this - people doing things their way, living each day as more them than ever before and doing it all backed with a ton of heart, kindness and love, always love.



You see, I feel it is easy for people to tell others to pull themselves up by the bootstraps and get on with it. But that is severely divorced from reality as we don’t all start the race from the same place.

Which is why I believe, being gentle with ourselves is key. We must love where we are right now, we must love who we are right now, we must bring love to all parts, to the entire journey that brought you this far. It is through loving and accepting ourselves entirely and living with gentleness that we can live our fullest life.

I know what it’s like to want to give up. I mean really give up.

There have been times in my life where I was so scared of failing or succeeding that I didn’t try, there have been times when i felt so hurt, depressed, anxious and sad that could I not see my way out, i could not see how or why things were happening. I’ll tell you the full story one day, but for now let me tell you that while you may feel awkward, scared, messy and feel like you have no clue and that your life doesn’t make sense, one day you will see that you are creating art. That each moment was exactly as it was meant to be. It was all leading you to where you are right now and right now you can choose.

Your life is your greatest expression.

There is nothing greater, nothing bigger. This moment matters, be in it. Feel it all. Let it be messy, allow yourself to fail and be okay with it - it means you’re having a go, be awkward AF, let ‘what feels good’ be your guide and bring love to all parts of yourself. Because more love always, never less.



I have come to know that ten step plans may keep you living a much smaller life than the one the universe has in mind for you. Attaching to a point in the future may keep you on a linear path when yours is one of curves, beautiful patterns and amazing new heights.

Sure, being IN the flow of life, putting yourself in the ring is scary but for me it is much scarier to sit on the sidelines with the pain of unlived dreams. That is not living. And that pain, that discomfort is forever.

I believe you either feel the discomfort of growth and owning all parts of yourself and live from that place or you feel the discomfort of fading dreams and never being who you are meant to be, the pain of not living the life you are meant to.

And that makes it simple for me, it is no longer a question.

It is my belief that your greatest strength is your gentleness, your softness backed with your strength and to vulnerably bring your whole self to all of life. To stay in the flow of it all. I am not saying you won’t feel fear and you’ll be happy all of the time. It is about living the full depth of yourself, playing out your full range. The perceived good, bad, uncomfortable, comfortable and all the in between. It’s about not giving up, cultivating resiliency and trust in yourself, it’s about being more you than ever before.



And as you love and accept all parts of yourself and live unapologetically as YOU, magic happens. As we live with deliberation, tapping into what feels good as our guide to replace that ten step plan, we make space for the most miraculous and beautiful existence.

I will pop in here to update, add, remove and change this page over time because life is not static and there may be words I want to share with you all that I do not know yet. But for now, I would love to share  my life’s mission and purpose with you:

It is my life’s purpose to love you through and into remembering all parts of yourself.

To guide you back to your true self. To reinforce that everything in your life has been of service to where you are right now, to your highest good. And nothing has ever been out of place. To reflect back the gentle, radiant, strong and wise being you’ve always been. To love you until you remember how to love yourself.

So beautiful, if you are in need of some love, please reach out.

And I do all of this backed with a lot of applied wisdom, keen awareness and a shit ton of tools, tips and practices to walk you home to yourself. It is always my honour.

With love, so very much love,
Jojo X